FOTO: Josh Goleman

Nickel Creek (USA)

When Nickel Creek put out their eponymous album in 2000, they attracted a lot of attention on the American folk and string band scenes. The record, produced by Alison Krauss, was nominated for two Grammies and a Country Music Award, and TIME Magazine placed them among the Five Music Innovators of the Millennium. They opened for Lyle Lovett, and were picked in 2001 to back Dolly Parton’s Grammy show. Nickel Creek are mandolin player Chris Thile and brother and sister Sara and Sean Watkins on violin and guitar respectively. In 2002 they made This Side, which won the Best Contemporary Folk Album Grammy. This brought them a new audience, who didn’t normally listen to bluegrass. In 2007, Nickel Creek was put on the back burner. Sara Watkins was pursuing a solo career and in the trio I’m With Her, while Chris Thile found success in the folk band Punch Brothers. Then, in 2014, Nickel Creek re-united to release A Dotted Line, which was nominated for two Grammies. A new album is coming out this March. The trio has announced a long series of concert this spring and summer in USA, prior to their arrrival at Tønder Festival. Their only Danish festival in 2023.