FOTO: Morten Rygaard

Niels Hausgaard and Martin Schack (DK)

It would be no exaggeration to say that Niels Hausgaard has been on a ‘never ending tour’ since the early 1970s. When he tours the country for four months every winter and spring, he fills halls everywhere. This year, the show is entitled The Danish Dane, and, as last year, pianist Martin Schack sits at his side on stage. Besides his annual tour, Niels Hausgaard has another fixed date in his calendar: Tønder Festival. The Danish poet, satiricist, songwriter, polemicist and entertainer has made his mark on Tønder Festival since the 70s, and he’s making no exception in 2023. Niels Hausgaard (born in 1944) is a bit of a national hero. His audience is broad, of all ages, and on stage he leaves himself plenty of room for improvisation and for response to audience reactions. His timing and fecundity of imagination have inspired countless colleagues, and his talent for razor-sharp satire is legendary.