Niteworks (SCO)

Many bands have experimented in the field where traditional music and traditional instruments meet electronica. This is where we find the Scottish band Niteworks. Creativity is in the driving seat when sound universes, electronic tonal spheres and respect for the musical roots overlap in the hands of the four Niteworks musicians. This is modern celtic fusion, new compositions with words in Gaelic. The combination of the pipes with bass, drums, keyboards and electronica has attracted many admirers to Niteworks, who have also had great success at festivals, among them Celtic Connections in Glasgow. Niteworks come from the Isle of Skye and have been together since 2008. Their first release was an EP, Niteworks: Obair Oidhche in 2011, and they have since made three albums. The latest is A’ Grian, released in January 2022, and nominated as Scottish Album of the Year by the Scottish Music Industry Association. Their only Danish festival appearance in 2023.