Red Hot Chilli Pipers (SCO)

Saturday 27. august - 20:45 - Open Air

This is no typo: not only are Red Hot Chilli Pipers just as hot in their native Scotland as the tattooed, funky rockers; but they have the Americans’ full permission to use the name: the Yanks dug the difference. Red Hot Chilli Pipers broke into the limelight in 2007, when they took part in the BBC talent show When Will I be Famous. The band’s trademark is bagrock: cover versions of rock and pop classics played on bagpipes, with march drums and rock band backing. The musicians wear kilts and provide a stage show without parallel before or since. When Red Hot Chilli Pipers became famous via their tv show, they toured far and wide, getting audiences in USA, China, New Zealand, Dubai and India dancing and screaming the chorus to We Will Rock You, Don’t Stop Believing and Highway to Hell. Red Hot Chilli Pipers played Tønder Festival in 2017, and now you can join in at the top of your voice when the Scots band hit the stage with a concert that could go anywhere, with 100% guarantee for a wild party. Their only Danish festival concert in 2022.