Rikke Thomsen (DK)

Friday 26. august - 14:30 - Telt 1

In 2019, songwriter and singer Rikke Thomsen won the Danish Mother Tongue Award – the youngest winner ever. She was 28 years of age then, and won for her south Jutland dialect EP Omve’n Hjemve (Curing Homesickness) from 2019. Rikke Thomsen accepted the award at Eckersberg Private School in Blans near Sønderborg, where she learned guitar as a teenager. The young Rikke Thomsen moved to North Jutland, where she studied guitar and singing at the Jutland Music Conservatory in Aalborg. At first she tried writing songs in English, but it was when she turned her hand to her native south Jutland dialect that Rikke Thomsen gained attention. The songs on Omve’n Hjemve deal with longing and love for one’s home patch, and Åltins Koldt I København (It’s Always Cold in Copenhagen) touched many Danes’ hearts. As did her south Jutland translation of Bob Dylans Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right which became Tænk no it for møje eve det. The album Opland (Hinterland) was released in October 2021, and the single Ballebrovej 2 came out as a trailer. Rikke Thomsen appears solo at Tønder Festival 2022.