S.G. Goodman (USA)

Singer and guitarist S. G. Goodman is from Kentucky, USA, and grew up in the country, near the small town of Hickman. Singing in the local Baptist Church was an early element in her musical life. Aged 15 she began playing guitar, and later joined the band The Savage Radley. Her solo career took off with the release of her debut album Old Time Feeling (2020), with Jim James of the band My Morning Jacket producing. 35 year-old S.G. Goodman challenges many of the religious and conservative concepts of the role of traditional music in the southern part of USA. Being a queer artist and playing country, roots rock and americana does not always win you points there. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, S. G. Goodman said, “music, down through history, has always been a decisive power for political and social change.” The same magazine hails S.G. Goodman as an “untamed rock ’n’ roll truthteller.” On her second album, Teeth Marks (2022), S.G. Goodman takes inspiration from indie rock and punk, using country rock's rougher edges, low-tuned guitars and a serious, indignant tone. Her only Danish festival in 2024.