FOTO: Deborah Sheedy

Saint Sister (IRL)

Saturday 27. august - 22:15 - Bolero
Sunday 28. august - 17:30 - Telt 2

The duo Saint Sister is Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty. They sit at the top of the Irish music tree. Saint Sister began in 2014, setting up a unique soundscape combining traditional Irish harp, the flamboyance of 60s folk and ambient electronics. Morgan’s and Gemma’s voices seem to be closely related as they intertwine in subtle harmonies. Morgan’s harp rings with nostalgia, an underpinning contrast to the topicality of the words. Saint Sister’s debut EP, 2015’s Madrid, was followed in 2018 by the album Shape of Silence, a view of Ireland laced with political and critical undertones. These two musicians have touched a nerve in Irish hearts: in 2018 they were voted The Best Irish Act in an Irish Times poll. Saint Sister have also made their mark internationally, touring with Keane, Hozier and Lisa Hannigan, among others. Their latest release, the album Where I Should End from 2021, underscores the duo’s musical eminence, and was hailed by The Irish Times as a triumph. Their only Danish festival appearance in 2022.