Signe Svendsen (DK)

Thursday 25. august - 17:00 - Telt 1

This Danish singer and songwriter from east Fyn is a long-established, original and dearly loved artist on the Danish music scene. Signe Svendsen has insisted on creating her own space with the bite, humour and lyrical detail in her personal Danish songs. Signe Svendsen graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and began her career as a backing singer. For many years, she appeared on stage with Danish singer and raconteur Niels Hausgaard, who she claims taught her a lot about communicating with an audience. Signe Svendsen’s songwriting ambitions led in 2010 to the release of her solo debut album Ny passager (New Passenger). The album was realised in close cooperation with producer and guitarist Lars Skjærbæk. He has been her sparring partner since, and has also produced the subsequent albums, Kun de faldne rejser sig igen (Only the Fallen Rise Again) from 2013, Rift from 2016, and the most recent Det forlyder (Word is Out) from 2020. When Signe Svendsen takes the stage at Tønder Festival 2022, she’ll have her band with her.