Skerryvore (SCO)

They say that Skerryvore took on the mantle as Scotland’s leading folk rock band after Runrig’s demise in 2018. That is not untrue. This eight-piece band builds on the same proud music traditions, generally known as Scots highland folk rock, that Runrig used. But that’s not all. Through hard touring throughout the land, Skerryvore have achieved the same as Runrig, and attracted a wide fan base in Denmark. Of course, it’s not just the Danes who go wild for Skerryvore. The band tours the world, and are about to set off on a daunting 2024 tour schedule covering UK, Germany and USA. Skerryvore was formed in 2004 by brothers Daniel Gillespie, accordion, and Martin Gillespie, accordion and bagpipes, with drummer Fraser West and singer Alec Dalglish. The other band members are Craig Espie, violin; Scott Wood, bagpipes and flute; Jodie Bremaneson, bass, and Alan Scobie, keyboards. It is not only Scots traditional music that inspires Skerryvore, but also cajun, country and various forms of rock. The band has won numerous awards and has released nine albums, the latest being Tempus from spring 2023, which garnered fine reviews and topped the official Scottish album hit lists. Their only Danish festival in 2024.