Som Os – a Journey in Danish Music (DK)

Thursday 25. august - 16:00 - Klubscenen
Friday 26. august - 00:30 - Klubscenen

Tønder Festival has invited some of the country’s leading folk music talents to write new music inspired by the traditional music of the Danish islands and regions. The band Som Os centres round five young musicians, who, with their distinguished guests, will guide us round Mid Jutland, South Funen, South Zealand, Læsø and Bornholm, all areas with distinct historical, musical traditions. “Our purpose is to demonstrate that Denmark bears a hidden treasure trove of musical gems, and Tønder Festival has given us the chance to show that traditional and new music can live together,” says Annelene Toft Christensen, violinist in Som Os. The band is also: Tim Ewé Jensen, kornet/trumpet; Michael Hornhaver, guitar; Jakob Kragesand, double bass, and Chris Falkenberg, drums. The guest musicians are: Anja Præst, clarinet; Ditte Fromseier, violin; Henrik Jansberg, violin; and Mette Katrine Jensen, accordion. These musicians have played in some of the top folk bands in the country, among them: Basco, Phønix, Mynsterland, Jensen & Bugge, Fromseier/Hockings, Jansberg Band, VÍÍK & Sherzandum. Som Os and their guest musicians will play for a dance on Friday evening, following a music and dance workshop.