FOTO: Morten Rygaard

Sorten Muld (DK)

Do you remember Sorten Muld’s concert at Tønder Festival in 1997? The previous week, the band had released Mark II, a record that introduced the Nordic folk song tradition to heavy electronic beats. Fronted by Ulla Bendixen, they served up familiar songs from the folk garden wrapped up in electronica and instruments like hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and flutes. Besides Ulla Bendixen, the core of Sorten Muld is electronic master Henrik Munch and multi-instrumentalist Martin Ottosen. Mark II gave Sorten Muld access to a wide audience, as well as making a deep impression on the folk scene, inspiring new bands like Valravn. After many, many concerts and a successful follow-up to Mark II, Sorten Muld fell quiet. Ulla Bendixen and Martin Ottosen concentrated on their private family life. Henrik Munch worked as a producer and composer, writing the music for the film Kongekabale, among others. In the spring of 2011, Sorten Muld reunited for three concerts, and the following year they were part of the Open Air stage start to Tønder Festival. In 2021, after a long wait, came Mark IV – Lånt Tid (Mark IV – Borrowed Time), and the Sorten Muld concerts were given a Middle-eastern tone by the saz-player Orhan Turan.  Sorten Muld also collaborate with AySay (who are also at Tønder Festival this year.) Together, in 2020, they released the song Glød/Gylden Glød (Glow Golden Glow.)