The Ballroom Thieves (USA)

Saturday 27. august - 23:45 - Klubscenen
Sunday 28. august - 17:30 - Pumpehuset

The Ballroom Thieves, from Massachusetts USA, have been attracting attention since 2014 with their original songs and music – a melange of folk, rock, soul and shades of legendary Californian popsongs from the late 60s. This is a band that expresses many musical influences using a wide range of instruments: roaring rock guitar, delicate cello, fulsome choral arrangements, finger-pickin’ acoustic guitar and, at the heart of it all, the song and its words are given room to breathe. And it’s not all about luuuuve and relationships: they have a few biting comments on the US political landscape and the rest of the world, not forgetting a finger up the patriarchy. The Ballroom Thieves are Calin ‘Callie’ Peters, vocal, cello, bass, and Martin Earley, vocal, guitar, who both write songs, and who are an item. Originally, Devin Mauch, vocal and percussion, was third man, but he left in 2021. Today Peters and Earley are backed by several musicians in the studio and on stage. Their third album Unlovely appeared in 2020, just before the pandemonium put a stop to everything, including the band’s planned promotion efforts and concerts. A new album is on its way. This is the Ballroom Thieves’ first time in Denmark, and their only festival concert in this country in 2022.