FOTO: Stephanie Parsley

The Ghost of Paul Revere (USA)

Thursday 25. august - 23:30 - Telt 2
Friday 26. august - 01:00 - Bolero

Banjo, bass and guitar. When the band The Ghost of Paul Revere showed up in 2011, many believed they were a bluegrass band, because of their traditional acoustic instruments. “But we weren’t playing traditional or bluegrass music. We were just making music with the instruments we had,” explains singer and guitarist Griffin Sherry. The Ghost of Paul Revere come from the town of Portland in Maine in USA and have made a remarkably speedy ascent of the American musical ladder. The music the band plays has been called ‘holler folk’, because they often use call and response in their songs, as well as singalong hooklines, like the old field hollers from USA’s slavery days. The Ghost of Paul Revere sent out their debut album Believe in 2014. The year after, they released an EP, produced in connection with the prestigious Newport Folk Festival, where the trio were appearing that year. Word of The Ghost of Paul Revere spread quickly, and The Boston Globe wrote that the band  “make the kind of music the festival is built on.” Their most recent albums are Monarch from the autumn of 2018, and Good at Losing Everything from 2020. Their only Danish festival concert in 2022.