The Local Honeys (USA)

This duo carries the traditional folk music and old-time music of Kentucky to new heights. Their album The Local Honeys from 2022 won fine reviews, and includes a number of original songs, whose words and tunes pay tribute to the music of the Appalachians and Kentucky in particular. This is folk music with due respect for the traditions and at the same time new readings and a contemporary approach to the music that is the cultural backbone of USA. The Local Honeys are Linda Lee Stockley, guitar and Montana Hobbs, banjo. “The songs on the album speak for us and deal with what we know and reflect who we are. We want to add our part to the music of Kentucky,” writes Montana Hobbs on The Local Honeys’ website. The pair have toured with Tyler Childers and Colter Wall, both familiar faces at Tønder Festival. Their only Danish festival concert in 2023.