Tide Lines (SCO)

Thursday 25. august - 19:00 - Open Air
Friday 26. august - 12:45 - Telt 1

Playing Scots folk rock of the highest calibre from the Highlands, Tide Lines draw inspiration from Gaelic songs, pipe tunes, the impressive scenery and unbridled passion. The band has gathered a huge following, not least in Denmark, where their contemporary take on Highland music is a hit with the Tønder Festival audience. Tide Lines played at Tønder Festival in 2018 and 2019. Tide Lines formed in 2016, and found a wide audience with their single Far Side of the World, a pop earworm written by the band’s singer, Robert Robertson. Since then, Tide Lines have released the album Dreams We Never Lost, an EP Let’s Make Tonight and most recently the album Eye of the Storm (2020), which topped the hit lists in Britain. Tide Lines have been busy touring and would have played in Danmark in 2021, but for corona. Now you can enjoy their return. Tide Lines are singer and guitarist Robert Robertson, Ross Wilson on keyboards (both formerly of  the band called Skippinish), Alasdair Turner on guitar and pipes, and Gus Munro, drums. Their only Danish festival concert in 2022.