Twang (DK)

The Danish folk roots scene is constantly spawning new musicians with a firm basis in the old music but with the bottle and talent to try something new. The Twang trio formed in 2014 and have worked their way steadily onward with their original, lively take on American folk music. Armed with acoustic guitar, double bass, violin, banjo and three voices, Twang seize the traditions and add all manner of styles. The attentive listener will be entertained with elements of jazz, hip-hop and many other surprises. The band dare to serve up a deeply melancholic song from grandma’s day, only to follow it with a modern hit wrapped in humour and satire. There is room for both laughter and tears as Twang shift from their own compositions to folk classics. On stage, Twang will dazzle their audiencs with rapid instrument changes: the bass player suddenly turns guitarist, the banjo player grabs the bass. Twang have won plaudits for their three-part harmonies, that lift their performance to another level, while staying loyal to the American traditions. Twang comprises Thyge Van Dassen, violin, song; Spencer Gross, guitar, double bass and song, and Peter Banks, banjo, double bass and song.