FOTO: Mike Dunn

Vincent Neil Emerson (USA)

He had to cancel in 2022, but here’s the good news: 32 year-old Texan songwriter Vincent Neil Emerson is coming to Tønder Festival in 2024. He carries proud songwriting traditions further, with country music as a base and clear lines back to his songwriting forebears like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earle. Vincent Neil Emerson masters the essential songwriters’ craft of telling personal and relevant stories. His toolbox is sparse: just a guitar and a voice that speaks to us all. The words come from his own life, as for instance in the song High On Gettin’ By, where you find the lines, “But the words keep on fallin’, and the highway keeps on callin’ to my pen”. This song is on the album Vincent Neil Emerson from 2021, produced by Rodney Crowell. On the same record is the song The Ballad of the Choctaw Apache, a tale of the Choctaw Apache tribe that Vincent Neil Emerson is related to. This cultural heritage and his familial ties to USA’s original people inform his most recent album The Golden Crystal Kingdom (2023), which Shooter Jennings produced. His only Danish festival concert in 2024.