FOTO: Mike Dunn

Vincent Neil Emerson (USA)

From the east end of Texas comes 29 year-old Vincent Neil Emerson, who has quickly made a name for himself as a songwriter and troubadour. He acknowledges his heritage: the distinguished Texas songwriter tradition, founded on country music, fertilised by stalwarts like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earle. As a songwriter, Vincent Neil Emerson masters the art of writing musical tales that are both personal and have broad appeal. His tools in trade are his minimal guitar style and a voice that touches the heart. Emerson’s words are in part autobiographical. High On Gettin’ By is a song that has the lines, “But the words keep on fallin’, and the highway keeps on callin’ to my pen.” Listen, too, to The Ballad of the Choctaw Apache, a tale of the Choctaw Apache tribe, which Vincent Neil Emerson has family connections with. Vincent Neil Emerson put out his first album Fried Chicken and Evil Woman in 2019. This brought him attention on the American songwriter scene, and he toured with Colter Wall and Charlie Crockett. June 2021 saw the release of the album Vincent Neil Emerson, produced by Rodney Crowell. His only Danish festival appearance in 2022.