FOTO: Renae Saxby

William Crighton (AUS)

Friday 26. august - 14:00 - Telt 2
Saturday 27. august - 01:00 - Bolero

When William Crighton’s thunderous voice shook the Tent 1 canvas in 2018 with his Jesus Blues, the Australian songwriter gripped his audience. His unpolished, intense singing voice and his songs delve into the dark and the lighter sides of life, the violent and the tender. Jesus Blues is on William Crighton’s debut album William Crighton (2016),  which was widely praised by critics. Subsequent releases and concerts both here, round the world, and in Australia have established him as one of the most powerful musicians in Australia. His latest album Water and Dust from February 2022 got four stars from Danish music magazine Gaffa, and the Australian magazine Stack calls William Crighton “a classic Australian storyteller.” As a songwriter and storyteller, he often explores deep, spiritual layers, and is in close touch   with his country’s history and landscape. Didgeridoo features on his latest release. Respect for Australia’s original population and justified social indignation are part of William Crighton’s stance. This is William Crighton’s third appearance at Tønder Festival.