Music Guide - Cajun and zydeco

A very special kind of American musical culture is to be found in Louisiana, where the meeting of French colonists and African slaves, among others, brought about the birth of cajun and zydeco music and the whole culture associated with these styles. Cajuns historically are the francophone people driven from their chosen refuge, the colony of Arcadia on Canada's eastern seaboard, by the British in 1755. The refugees settled in Louisiana, at that time a French colony. The French language has survived in the special dialect used in the cajun culture.

Cajun music has developed as a natural element in the culture. Accordion and violin are the central instruments, the songs often in waltz or two-step tempo, inspired by country, blues and other genres. Zydeco, a cousin to cajun, using accordion as its main instrument, as well as washboard and electric guitar, bass and drums – and often brass, too – has its roots in the Afro-american or Creole culture in Louisiana. The blues contribute to the mix, which is often uptempo and absolutely for dancing.

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