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3Hattrio (USA)

Music from the deserts of USA with elements of old-time and jazz plus Caribbean nuances. 3Hattrio serve up background music to their home area, near Zion National Park in southern Utah.

All Our Exes Live in Texas (AUS)

Four superb singing voices, fine songwriting and a gift for connecting with an audience: this Australian female quartet have made a name for themselves in short order in their home country.

Allan Taylor (UK)

For 50 years, Allan Taylor has been travelling the world with his songs and his guitar. Come and enjoy Allan Taylor’s guitar skills, his songs and his particular way of charming an audience.

Anne Linnet (DK)

30 years ago, Anne Linnet made an album called Jeg er jo lige her (I’m Right Here.) In 2018 the popular recording has Anne Linnet and her band on tour again, including an appearance at Tønder Festival.

Annika Aakjær (DK)

Danish Annika Aakjær has many talents, but it is as a musician and actress she has made her name. Her latest – third – album, Lykkens Gang (Third Time Lucky) from 2016, had the critics reaching for superlatives.

Artist Talks – Hi Fi Scenen: Jacob Dinesen

This year you can hear something quite new at Tønder Festival, when the Hi Fi Club presents four exciting names on the Hi Fi Stage. Saturday Jacob Dinesen.

Artist Talks – Hi Fi Scenen: Jeffrey Foucault

This year you can hear something quite new at Tønder Festival, when the Hi Fi Club presents four exciting names on the Hi Fi Stage. Thursday Jeffrey Foucault.

Artist Talks – Hi Fi Scenen: Tami Neilson

This year you can hear something quite new at Tønder Festival, when the Hi Fi Club presents four exciting names on the Hi Fi Stage. Sunday Tami Neilson.

Artist Talks – Hi Fi Scenen: William Crighton

This year you can hear something quite new at Tønder Festival, when the Hi Fi Club presents four exciting names on the Hi Fi Stage. Friday William Crighton.

B. B. King Tribute feat. Mike Andersen, Shaka & James Loveless and others (DK, D)

Guitarist and singer Mike Andersen is hosting a heady celebration of a tribute concert, dedicated to the memory of the legendary American blues singer and guitarist B. B. King.

Basco & DR Big Band (DK)

When Basco & DR Big Band open Tønder Festival 2018 on Thursday 23rd August, it will be a concert to remember.

Bastard Kvintet (DK)

Bastard Kvintet is one of Denmark’s finest traditional dance bands, and numbers some of the most experienced musicians on the folk music scene. At this year’s Tønder Festival, the quintet will focus on the music of Denmark’s great fiddler, the late Evald Thomsen.

Caamp (USA)

Taylor Meier’s dark voice has been compared to Ray LaMontagne, and coupled with Evan Westfall’s banjo gives that characteristic sound that has unleashed Caamp’s race to fame.

Cóig (CAN)

The name means ‘five’ in Scots Gaelic, but now there are four. Four brilliant musicians from Cape Breton play traditional Scottish music in its eastern Canadian seaboard guise, winning prizes for their virtuosity.

Colter Wall (CAN)

Colter Wall is from Saskatchewan in Canada and trades in folk, bluegrass and country. Colter Wall gave his first concert in Denmark at Tønder Festival in 2017, and this is his only Danish festival concert in 2018.

Darlingside (USA)

Mellifluous harmonies and well-turned indie folk are what we expect from American band Darlingside, who appeared at Tønder Festival in 2017.

David Ramirez (USA)

From Austin, Texas, singer, songwriter and guitarist David Ramirez is well on his way to a thoroughgoing breakthrough. His fourth album We’re Not Going Anywhere from 2017 has brought him glowing reviews.

Dusty Heart (USA)

Their voices entwine and meld in mellifluous harmony when the two women who are the duo Dusty Heart approach the microphone. Barbara Jean and Molly Dean hail from Minnesota and offer a fresh take on folk harmonising.

Folk Spot Denmark 2018

Folk Spot 2018: Huldrelokkk (NO, SE, DK), Louise Støjberg/Martin Rauff (DK), Pøbel (DK), Mary Jean (DK), Vingefang (DK), Raabygg (NO), Hudna (DK) and Elmøe & Hoffmann (DK).

FolkBALTICA Ensemble (DK, D)

The FolkBALTICA Ensemble consists of 50 young musicians from Schleswig Holstein in Germany and southern Denmark. The orchestra arose at the folkBALTICA Festival, which takes place every April.

Folkekons (DK)

The Tønder Festival audience will be treated to a convincing demonstration of the spectrum of talent involved when 15 graduates of the South Denmark Academy of Music and Drama in Esbjerg take the stage.

Gawurra (AUS)

From North East Arnhem Land in Australia comes this unique singer and songwriter. Gawurra Gaykamangu belongs to the Yolngu tribe, part of Australia’s original population.

Gentlemen’s Circle feat: Jeffrey Foucault, William Crighton, Søren Huss, Luke Winslow-King, Joey Landreth

Last year, Tønder Festival’s audience gave both the Women’s Circle and the Gentlemen’s Circle a warm reception. The concept of inviting a series of internationally recognised musicians to join a number of their male and female colleagues respectively on stage will repeat this year.

Gordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys (CAN)

Laugh, dance and sing, exhort the lively band Gordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys from the Canadian eastern seaboard.

Ìmar (SCO, IRL)

Five seriously qualified musicians from Scotland and Ireland take a fresh look at particularly Irish traditional music. Ìmar excited their audiences at Tønder Festival in 2017 and are back in 2018.

Irish Mythen (IRL)

Irish’ voice can be silken, can be gravelly and rough, backed up by her rustic, rhythmic guitar style. Her performances are famous throughout North America, and she has won numerous awards and nominations.

JD McPherson (USA)

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jonathan David “JD” McPherson comes from Oklahoma and has a deep-seated love of 50s rhythm ’n’ blues, rockabilly and rock’n’ roll.

Jeffrey Foucault (USA)

It’s good to see him back. Jeffrey Foucault is returning to Tønder Festival with his band and his blend of folk, blues and country.

Joey Landreth (CAN)

This 29 year-old from Winnipeg has many strings to his bow: he is a virtuoso on slide guitar, a fine singer and a talented songwriter

Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton (USA, CAN)

18 years ago, they played together in the band The Be Good Tanyas, and now they have reunited as a duo.

Kellermensch (DK)

At the helm stands Sebastian Wolff, whose versatile vocal leads the audience to the edge of the abyss, where gloomy, hand-made, organic rock music meets melodic strings.

Lankum (IRL)

In 2017 Lankum released Between the Earth and Sky. Most recently, Lankum has won two awards at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2018.

Laura Mo (DK)

That original and subtle voice in Danish music, singer and songwriter Laura Mo, is back at Tønder Festival, bringing a brand new album, Steppebrand (Wildfire).

Let’s Spend The Night Together feat. The Lone Bellow, Darlingside & The Bros. Landreth

Sunday, Tent 1: The Lone Bellow, Darlingside and The Bros. Landreth.

Live radio: DR P5 Live

You will be able to see and hear some of this year’s Tønder Festival’s main acts performing close up and live.

Lukas Graham (DK)

An international superstar returns to Tønder Festival. The Lukas Graham Band with singer Lukas Forchhammer are back.

Luke Winslow-King (USA)

Luke Winslow-King – guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter – is based in New Orleans. His musical fundament is blues and jazz.

Lúnasa (IRL)

With a new album on the stocks, Lúnasa are once more ready to travel the world with a repertoire nourished at the spring of Irish traditional folk music.

Mari Boine (NO)

The Sami singer and songwriter has been a huge name for decades, a tumbling, powerful mountain stream in the Scandinavian landscape and an eloquent defender of Sami culture.

Meet IWGIA (The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs )

If you come to the Pump House on Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 10 am and noon during Tønder Festival, you can learn about the world’s First Peoples and their fight for recognition.

Melissa Horn (SE)

Melissa Horn’s debut ten years ago, the album Långa Nätter, brought the then 23 year-old singer and songwriter a large audience.


“Falch has never been better,” was one critic’s comment on the Danish rock veteran. Constantly productive, Michael Falch tests new musical waters and songwriting boundaries.

Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker & John Doyle (SCO/IRL/UK)

These three world stars of Scots and Irish music have played at Tønder Festival before, both together and in other constellations. At Tønder Festival 2018 they return with top flight tunes and songs.

Mikael Wiehe (SE)

One of the absolute top names on the political music scene in the 70s is now coming to Tønder Festival. Swedish Mikael Wiehe is still firing on all cylinders both as a musician and songwriter, and his commitment has in no way diminished with time.

Mike Andersen Band (DK)

Denmark’s Mike Andersen is a blues and soul singer of international class, and he plays a mean guitar, too. Mike Andersen played at Tønder Festival in 2015, and now he is back with his band.

Niels Hausgaard (DK)

Tønder Festival’s 44 years have fostered some traditions that have become essential. One of them is Niels Hausgaard’s concerts, which have been an integral part of Tønder Festival through the decades.

Nive Nielsen (GRL)

Singer and songwriter Nive Nielsen from Nuuk in Greenland, who performed at Tønder Festival last year, has made her mark with emphasis at home, all over Europe and in USA.

Northern Assembly (DK)

Last year Northern Assembly supported Jacob Dinesen on his sell-out autumn tour. This year they release the album Death, Won’t You Marry Me.

Oysterband (UK)

2017 and 2018 are dedicated to Oysterband’s 40th anniversary tour. This will be their only Danish festival appearance in 2018.

Parker Millsap (USA)

The return of American Parker Millsap, who played at Tønder Festival in 2017. As a singer and songwriter he is on his way to the top, and he has long been spotted as one of the most exciting young talents in American roots rock music.

Paul Cauthen (USA)

When he made the album My Gospel in 2016, Paul Cauthen established his reputation as one of the most interesting new voices in American country music.

Pretty Archie (CAN)

Cape Breton is known at Tønder Festival for speedy fiddles and foot tapping. But here comes a Cape Breton band that looks south for their inspiration: to US folk and country.

Rasmus Lyberth (GRL)

Rasmus Lyberth is one of Greenland’s great voices and a distinguished representative of Greenland culture. His intense singing and charismatic stage performance touch everone’s heart, while his songs in his mother tongue raise the art of storytelling to new heights.

Richard Inman (CAN)

Country music is the key to Richard Inman’s music, but first and foremost, he is a songwriter and storyteller of high standard.

Romengo (HU)

The return of Romengo from Hungary, masters of traditional olah gypsy folk music, who played at Tønder Festival in 2017. The music is traditional folk songs and the group’s own compositions.

Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys (UK)

Things are happening fast at the moment for Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, whom the Tønder Festival audience enjoyed at the 2017 festival. They are coming again in 2018.

Sam Outlaw (USA)

Sam Outlaw is based in California, and he has created his own sound with a good ear to the twang of 60s country rock from Los Angeles.

Sharon Shannon (IRL)

Ireland has many musical feathers in her hat, and Sharon Shannon is one of the musicians who bear the international reputation of the Irish music tradition high.

Skerryvore (SCO)

The return of one of Scotland’s finest and most popular folk rock bands. Skerryvore played at Tønder Festival in 2014 and 2015, and there is every reason to anticipate more delights.

Skipinnish (SCO)

Traditional Scots music is in really good hands in the band called Skipinnish, who after almost 20 years of playing are going from strength to strength. The band tour constantly and play for full houses.

Sophie Zelmani (SE)

Last year Sophie Zelmani released her 11th studio album, My Song, and it will be songs from this album she will present for us here at Tønder Festival.

Søren Huss (DK)

Danish Søren Huss has made a name for himself, both as a solist and as a songwriter, as one of Denmark’s most important artists. He has underscored this status with his new album Midtlivsvisen (Mid Life Verses) from autumn 2017.

Tami Neilson (CAN/NZ)

Tami Neilson’s extrovert show made a lasting impression at Tønder Festival 2017 with its power and its good old country style. You have more in store with her return this year.

The Bros. Landreth (CAN)

During their visit to Tønder festival in 2015, they owned Tent 2 with a wicked concert. Now on their way back to Tønder with americana, blues and roots rock.

The Brother Brothers (USA)

Twins Adam and David Moss from Brooklyn perform under the name The Brother Brothers and impress with their perfect vocal harmonisation served on a bed of traditional American roots music.

The Chair (SCO)

The Chair took Tønder Festival by storm in 2016, and it will be a great pleasure to experience these musical wild things once again in 2018.

The Dead South (CAN)

The Dead South deliver a raw mix of bluegrass and folk spiced with satire, blood and guts. Add in the energy of a punk band.

The East Pointers (CAN)

Exciting bands like Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, Visthèn and The East Pointers are attracting more attention to Prince Edward Island, which lies by Canada’s east coast between the mainland and Cape Breton Island.

The Elephant Sessions (SCO)

They played at Tønder Festival in 2016, and even then they were a band on their way up at top speed. In 2017 The Elephant Sessions released their second album All We Have Is Now.

The Lone Bellow (USA)

We are proud to present The Lone Bellow at Tønder Festival again, for their only festival appearance in Denmark in the summer of 2018.

The Mavericks (USA)

Can one band really offer so much? The answer, in the case of The Mavericks, is yes. They play a colourful cocktail of country, folk, blues, tex-mex, twang, latin and roots rock with style, charm, and great songs from a charismatic singer.

The Secret Sisters (USA)

Sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers from Muscle Shoals in Alabama have won kudos for their harmony singing, which has been compared to The Everly Brothers.

Tide Lines (SCO)

Lifting an unmistakeable inheritance from Scottish folk rock bands who went before, Tide Lines are well on the road to establishing their name in the UK, with a full concert calendar and sell-out concert halls.

Tyler Childers (USA)

Fine songwriting, excellent story-telling, and a voice that hooks into your memory, all these are in Tyler Childers’ possession. His new album produced is by Sturgill Simpson.

Vassvik (NO)

Joik singing is an ancient but vibrantly living music tradition of the Sami indigenous people of Northern Europe. One of today’s most prominent renewers of Joik is the Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik.

Vishtèn (CAN)

For more than a decade, Vishtèn has been playing their own blend of new and traditional songs and instrumentals plucked from the French-speaking Acadian culture.

William Crighton (AUS)

He comes well heralded, this Australian singer and songwriter, William Crighton. His debut album from 2016 was greeted with critical praise, as are his live performances.

William Prince (CAN)

Canadian singer/songwriter William Prince played at Tønder Festival in 2017. He’s back this year – his only concert in Denmark in the summer of 2018.

Women’s Circle feat: Tami Nielson, Irish Mythen, Annika Aakjær, Laura Mo, The Secret Sisters

In 2017, Tønder Festival’s audience met the concept Women’s Circle, when a series of female songwriters from Denmark and abroad took the stage together. It’s happening again this year.