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Adam Holmes & The Embers (SCO)

This is the third time Scots singer and songwriter Adam Holmes and his band The Embers are guests at Tønder Festival, and there is good cause for the follow-up.

Bjørn Eidsvåg (NO)

The Norwegian songsmith Bjørn Eidsvåg has a large following in Denmark, while in his homeland he is one of the best-selling recording artists.His lyrics touch on existential matters, such as faith and doubt, and he can deal with big questions in simple, accessible songs.

Caitlin Canty (USA)

Caitlin Canty played Tønder Festival in 2016, both solo and along with fellow songwriter Jeffrey Foucault. Now you will have a new opportunity to hear this rising americana star.

Charley Crockett (USA)

If you like country, blues, cajun and honky-tonk music, then you are going to enjoy a concert with the 32 year-old singer, guitarist and songwriter from Texas.

Chris Smither (USA)

The American songwriter, singer and guitarist Chris Smither has been playing for over 50 years. His original, stylish songs are inspired by folk and blues, and he is renowned for his elegant guitar finger-picking.

Dan Sultan (AUS)

We are happy to present one of Australia’s major talents. In his homeland, Dan Sultan is famous for his raw soul sound, which has won him several prizes.

Dreamers’ Circus (DK, S)

Adding influences from classical music, jazz and electronic ambient, Dreamers’ Circus build a delicate tonal universe of sweeping atmospheric passages punctuated by intense, powerful folk tunes, enough to get any audience on their feet.

Elephant Sessions (SCO)

Elephant Sessions mixes traditional folk, funk, electronica and much more in a potent neo-folk cocktail which has intoxicated listeners all over Britain, Europe and Australia.

Esben Just (DK)

It’s with good cause that they call Esben Just the uncrowned Danish king of New Orleans rock’n’blues piano. When his fingers roll expertly over the ivories, they unleash an incandescent display of swinging swamp rhythm’n’blues.

Finbar Furey (IRL)

A man who has seen decades of Irish music history, Finbar Furey is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer and has had his place on the Irish folk music scene since the 60s.

Gregory Alan Isakov (AZ/USA)

Subdued singing to an indie folk accompaniment of largely acoustic instruments, the songs moodily atmospheric. 39 year-old Gregory Alan Isakov was born in South Africa and lives today in Colorado in USA.

Irish Mythen (IRL)

A return visit from Irish Mythen, who delighted audiences at Tønder Festival in 2018 with her strong singing, fine songs and indelible stage presence.

Jacob Dinesen (DK)

It’s been quite a ride from the teenage years in Tønder and jam sessions at Hagges to arenas and star status throughout Denmark.

James Keelaghan (CAN)

The music critic Dave Marsh called James Keelaghan Canada’s Finest Songwriter. The 58 year-old folk roots songwriter with a bent to social and historical topics has won recognition at home and abroad.

Jenn Grant (CAN)

A shower of prizes, even more nominations and fine reviews have rained down over singer and songwriter Jenn Grant from Nova Scotia in Canada.

John Moreland (USA)

When John Moreland last played Tønder Festival, in 2017, he mesmerised his audience, and many’s the tear was discreetly wiped away at the end of his show.

John Prine (USA)

One of America’s most respected songwriters is coming back to Tønder Festival. John Prine appeared here in 2015 and will do so again in 2019. This is another scoop, and the 72 year-old veteran is still going strong, and still writing excellent songs.

John Smith (UK)

Guitarist and songwriter John Smith is a product of the British folk scene who is lifting his heritage to international standards.

Jonah Blacksmith (DK)

Two years ago, Jonah Blacksmith gave a memorable concert in Tent 1, winding up on a stage in the middle of the marquee with friends and family members ready to treat the audience to some authentic northern Jutland music from Thy.

Julie Fowlis (SCO)

The Scots singer and multi-instrumentalist, who sang at Tønder Festival in 2014, is a celebrated interpreter of Scots Gaelic traditional music.

Kate Rusby (UK)

One of England’s great voices in recent years’ folk music is coming back to Tønder Festival. Kate Rusby guested Tønder Festival in 2013, and Tønder Festival fans can anticipate this opportunity to enjoy this talented British singer and songwriter.

Leslie Stevens (USA)

In their Best of L. A.: Music 2018 feature, L. A. Weekly magazine crowns singer and songwriter Leslie Stevens Best Country Singer.

Maija Kauhanen (FIN)

Maija Kauhanen is a distinguished member of the younger generation of Finnish musicians who play and develop the musical traditions of Finland and Karelia.

Mandolin Orange (USA)

Country, folk and bluegrass are ingredients in a tasty blend by the Mandolin Orange duo from North Carolina. Americana traditions respectfully lifted, the songs are original, and the mood is intimate, melancholy and untrammelled.

Martin Harley (UK)

The British guitarist and songwriter Martin Harley has achieved fame as a slide guitarist, in particular on lap steel. His material is acoustic blues, folk and roots music.

Max Gomez (USA)

A songwriter with a sure touch in folk, country and blues and yet another exciting new musician Tønder Festival is bringing to the Danish audience.

Old Man Luedecke (CAN)

A prize-winning banjo player, guitarist and songwriter, Old Man Luedecke from Nova Scotia in Canada is a modern poet and troubadour in the old-time folk tradition.

Skipinnish (SCO)

They played at Tønder Festival in 2018 and everyone knew they would be back. In 2019 Skipinnish will celebrate their 20th birthday and their popularity is bigger than ever before.

The Ghost of Paul Revere (USA)

Banjo, bass and guitar. The Ghost of Paul Revere come from the town of Portland in Maine in USA and have made a remarkably speedy ascent of the American musical ladder.

The Savage Rose (DK)

In 2017, The Savage Rose had to call off their Tønder Festival appearance because of illness. They are back and they will be opening Tønder Festival 2019. The Savage Rose is one of the most potent and enduring entities on Denmark’s music scene.

The Tweed Project (ENG, SCO)

The members of The Tweed Project are some of the most successful young musicians on the English and Scots folk music scenes. Starting in 2015, the band appears now in 2019 in a new line-up.

Tide Lines (SCO)

Tide Lines’ inspiration is Scotland’s Gaelic song, pipe tunes and wild countryside, and unbridled love. The band have attracted new listeners with their fresh update of the Highland sound.