Blackberry Smoke for Tønder Festival

30. May 2023
Foto: Jo Lopez

The Tønder Festival 2023 programme is nearing completion. Treats in store now include American rockband Blackberry Smoke, a generous helping of Danish musicians and songwriters, the ever-popular Women’s Circle and Gentlemen’s Circle, and much more.

Diversity is assured when Blackberry Smoke from Georgia, USA, take the stage at Tønder Festival. They have a huge following both in USA and Europe, and will certainly delight those festivalgoers with a taste for rock music. Blackberry Smoke deliver heavy south state rock, blues and country rock.

From a different corner, to wit Quebec in Canada, come the É.T.É trio, who serve up their own, fresh interpretations of traditional folk music from Quebec.

Then we have a regular: Niels Hausgaard. He cannot let us down. He is as essential a part of Tønder Festival as the guy ropes on Tent 1. Niels Hausgaard appears with pianist Martin Schack.

Poul Krebs set up the Home concert to foreground the plight of young homeless people. As well as Poul Krebs himself, Steen Jørgensen, Kira Skov, Kajsa Vala and Henning Kvitnes will be on stage.

We’re having another visit from northern Jutland songwriter Mikael K, who is bringing his new band Landstrygerne (The Vagabonds). The return, too, of one of last year’s successes: Folkhistorier (Folk Stories) with podcast hosts and music journalists Klaus Lynggaard & Henrik Queitsch.

… and there is more. Come and sing along with Kunsten at glædes i kor (The Joy of Singing Together.) Enjoy the popular songwriter sessions Women´s Circle and Gentlemen´s Circle, half-a-dozen musicians on stage together, playing along on each others’ songs. On Friday forenoon there’s a school concert with folkBALTICA and Mallemuk, and throughout the festival, artist interviews at Gaffa Talk and Jyske Vestkysten Talk.

The official Tønder Festival 2023 opening ceremony is on Thursday 24 August, with Culture Minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt and Tønder mayor Jørgen Popp Pedersen.

(Photo credit: Jo Lopez)


Tønder Festival 2023:
Graham Nash (USA), Sarah Jarosz (USA), Blackberry Smoke (USA), Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms Country Band with special guest vocalist Lukas Graham (USA, DK), David Ramirez (USA), Aoife O’Donovan (USA), Jim Lauderdale (USA), Joachim Cooder (USA), Nickel Creek (USA), Liam Ó Maonlaí (IRL), Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker & John Doyle (ENG/SCO/IRL), Allan Olsen (DK), Sierra Ferrell (USA), The Dead South (CAN), The Unthanks (ENG), David Ritschard (SE), Ariel Posen (CAN), Sorten Muld (DK), Frankie Gavin & De Dannan (IRL), Emily Scott Robinson, Alisa Amador & Violet Bell (USA), Lawrence Maxwell (CAN), Jeremy Dutcher (CAN), Buffalo Nichols (USA), Israel Nash (USA), The Local Honeys (USA), Adyn Townes (CAN), Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton & Owen Sinclair (SCO), The Mary Wallopers (IRL), Lisa O’Neill (IRL), Dustbowl Revival (USA), Altan (IRL), Kíla (IRL), Roo Panes (ENG), Tejon Street Corner Thieves (USA), Leftover Salmon (USA), Aysanabee (CAN), Niteworks (SCO), Shane Smith & The Saints (USA), Hackensaw Boys (USA), Mec Lir (SCO), Gnoss (SCO), Margo Cilker (USA), Joshua Ray Walker (USA), Kelsey Waldon (USA), Willie Stratton (CAN), É.T.É (CAN), HOME m. Poul Krebs, Steen Jørgensen, Kira Skov, Kajsa Vala, Henning Kvitnes (DK, N), Niels Hausgaard og Martin Schack (DK), Mikael K og Landstrygerne (DK), Mallemuk (DK), Det Yderste Hav (DK), The Tarantino Twist Show (DK), Bjonko (DK), AySay (DK), William Torp (DK), Baby Did A Bad Thing (DK), FolkBALTICA Ensemblet (DK, D), Twang (DK), Kristian Bach (DK), Folk Spot Denmark (DK), Folkhistorier med Klaus Lynggaard & Henrik Queitsch (DK), Kunsten at glædes i kor (DK), Women’s Circle, Gentlemen’s Circle, Gaffa Talk, Jyske Vestkysten Talk.

Tønder Festival 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th August 2023
Twitter: @tonderfestival

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