Digital Postcard from Scots Musicians

21. August 2020

18 of Scotland’s major folk roots musicians send a musical postcard to their audiences around the world. Tønder Festival is one of the festivals chosen for this special greeting.

The world-wide music scene has been hit by corona. In Scotland, some of the finest and most popular folk roots soloists and bands have assembled to send Postcards from Scotland. This is a digital greeting: video, sound and verbal messages from all the musicians to their audiences, who – under normal circumstances – would be enjoying Scottish music this summer.

Many Tønder Familiars
Postcards from Scotland is a greeting to selected festivals. Tønder Festival, always host to many Scots musicians, is among those chosen.

Postcards from Scotland are sent by 18 of Scotland’s best folk roots groups, 73 musicians in all. Many of them have appeared at Tønder Festival: Blazin’ Fiddles, Breabach, Elephant Sessions, Fara, Kris Drever, Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton, RURA, Skerryvore and Talisk. Others include Brìdghe Chaimbeul, Claire Hastings, Hannah Rarity, Kinnaris Quintet, Moishe’s Bagel & Fiona Hunter, Niteworks, Ryan Young and Siobhan Miller.

We Are All in the Same Boat
“We are happy to be the Danish festival that get Postcards from Scotland. We have a long tradition of presenting Scots music at Tønder Festival. In these corona times, it is vital that we stand together internationally – we are all in the same boat. I hope that many will back the project and send financial support to our friends in Scottish music, too,” says Maria Theessink, Tønder Festival’s artistic director.

Among the other festivals selected to receive this special greeting from the Scots musicians are: Cambridge Folk Festival in England, Canada’s National Arts Centre, Katowice Music Days in Poland, Nordsjøfestivalen in Norway and Rudolstadt Festival in Germany.

A 90-minute Film
The 18 musical postcards comprise video greetings, news about the various bands and their home ground and – naturally – music, all edited into a 90-minute programme which can be viewed at

The initiative came from the organisation Showcase Scotland Expo. The aim is to spread the news about Scotland’s folk roots music and maintain connections between musicians and their audiences through out a summer season largely cancelled because of the corona crisis. See more at

You can help the Scots musicians by sending a contribution via this link:

The 18 Scottish soloists and bands also have a Spotify playlist:

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