Jonah Blacksmith at Tønder Festival

21. November 2023
Foto: Jonah/Sejling

The Danish seven-piece band Jonah Blacksmith will perform at Tønder Festival 2024, giving the festival's 50th jubilee a concert of many dimensions.

Many of you will doubtless recall Jonah Blacksmith's appearance at Tønder Festival in 2015. The band from Thy in northern Jutland were relatively unknown back then, but that evening changed all that. The concert took the audience by storm, the critics awarded the show top marks, and Jonah Blacksmith's name was on everybody's lips.

Jonah Blacksmith is now established as one of Denmark's best live bands. Their sound is wide, deep and dynamic, just like the North Sea and the landscape in their home territory of Thy. Their characteristic songs, delivered in Simon Alstrup's powerful vocal, have forged their own alloy of the personal and the grandiose.

Since 2015, Jonah Blacksmith have performed several times at Tønder Festival, and now you can look forward to their return, this time with new surprises and guests of hitherto undisclosed identity on stage.

"Tønder Festival means a lot to us, as it is here we have had some of our absolutely finest concert successes. We are delighted to be returning, and we promise we will bring something extraordinary to our 2024 Tønder concert," says Jonah Blacksmith's Simon Alstrup.

"Jonah Blacksmith is one of the bands we have had most requests for from our audience. The bonds between the band and our festival are very strong, so it is natural that they are invited to play at Tønder Festival 2024," says Maria Theessink, Tønder Festival's artistic director.


Tønder Festival 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2024
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