Massive Support for Tønder Festival

2. June 2020
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Since Tønder Festival was cancelled, declarations of support have been flooding in from all sides. The Festival management now sees endorsement in our audience’s ticket choices: 85% have decided to extend their 2020 tickets to Tønder Festival 2021. And despite the dropping of Tønder Festival 2020, the grocers on the Danish-German border have opted to sell the annual Tønder Festival wine to back up the festival. Tønder Festival management are delighted and grateful for this encouragement.

It is almost two months since Tønder Festival’s cancellation became a reality. The income loss this entailed threw the whole concern into financial jeopardy. Today, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tønder Festival’s audience have now had just over a week to extend their 2020 tickets or ask for a refund, and they have overwhelmingly chosen to assist the festival. Of the festival fans who have already made their choice, about 85% plumped for extending their tickets to Tønder Festival 2021 rather than getting their money back.

A Month to Make a Choice
Festivalgoers have until 14th June 2020 to decide whether they will exchange their 2020 ticket for one for Tønder Festival in 2021 or reclaim their money. The first week has shown that a large majority have already made up their minds, and most by far have chosen tickets for next year’s festival.

“We are very happy and grateful for the assistance our audience has given us by extending their tickets rather than having them refunded. It gives us financial breathing space up to our next festival, which is absolutely vital,” says Tønder Festival administrative director, Kirstine Uhrbrand.

Festival Wine Sponsors Tønder Festival
For 33 years now, a group of grocers on the Danish-German border have shown support for Tønder Festival through their sales of the festival wine, with part of the profits going directly to Tønder Festival. The cancellation of Tønder Festival in 2020 and the closing of the border due to the corona crisis has not prevented the border grocers from showing continued support for Tønder Festival.

“The Tønder Festival wine is a tradition, in fact it’s an institution at the festival. We are overjoyed that the border grocers have agreed to carry on the tradition and sell festival wine to aid the festival here in 2020. Many thanks!” says Tønder Festival administrative director, Kirstine Uhrbrand.

Tønder Festival plans to open normal ticket sales for Tønder Festival 2021 on Monday 22nd June 2020.

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