More Names for Tønder Festival

30. April 2019

Eight Danish and foreign names are ready to be added to the 2019 Tønder Festival roster. Among them are Americans John Moreland and Charley Crockett, Australian Dan Sultan and Danes Jonah Blacksmith and Dreamers’ Circus.

With New Year celebrations behind us, there is a lot to look forward to. For instance, Tønder Festival 2019, where a clutch of new musicians have just been announced for this year’s festival.

Three songwriters from USA
From USA we have John Moreland (photo above), who delighted the Tent 1 audience at the 2017 festival. Then there are two new names on the American folk, blues and country scenes: Charley Crockett and Max Gomez.

Australian star
Last year, Australian Dan Sultan had to cancel, but this year he is ready for Tønder 2019. As are Scots Adam Holmes & The Embers, who are invited for the third time.

Strong Scandinavian hand
Danish Jonah Blacksmith, who had a regular breakthrough at Tønder Festival four years ago, are playing a series of filmed concerts at selected festivals this summer, one of them being Tønder Festival. Other top attractions returning to Tønder Festival are Danish-Swedish Dreamers’ Circus and, from Finland, the famous kantele player and songwriter Maija Kauhanen.


Musicians 2019 – so far:
John Prine (USA), Kate Rusby (UK), John Moreland (USA), The Savage Rose (DK), Bjørn Eidsvåg (NO), Jonah Blacksmith (DK), Dreamers’ Circus (DK), Dan Sultan (AUS), Skipinnish (SCO), The Ghost of Paul Revere (USA), Martin Harley (UK), Julie Fowlis (SCO), Finbar Furey (IRL), Chris Smither (USA), Jenn Grant (CAN), Old Man Luedecke (CAN), Leslie Stevens (USA), Caitlin Canty (USA), The Tweed Project (ENG, SCO) og James Keelaghan (CAN), Charley Crockett (USA), Max Gomez (USA), Adam Holmes & The Embers (SCO), Maija Kauhanen (FIN).

Tønder Festival 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th August 2019
Twitter: @tonderfestival

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