The Bothy Band Cancel Tønder Festival Appearance

30. April 2024

The reformed Bothy Band have unfortunately been obliged to cancel their Tønder Festival concert because of serious illness.

One of the founders of Ireland's Bothy Band, Dónal Lunny, recently went through a major operation and will need time to recover. This means that the Bothy Band must cancel and defer all their planned engagements for the summer of 2024, including the Tønder Festival concert.
The Bothy Band have sent this communiqué:

"Founder member of the Bothy Band, Dónal Lunny, has recently undergone major surgery
that will require a lengthy recuperation. This will prevent the Bothy Band from fulfilling the
concerts planned for the summer and autumn of 2024.
We are mindful of the many people who were looking forward to the band’s performance at
Tønder Festival. The members of the Bothy Band very much regret that we are obliged to
cancel all concerts for 2024, but the recovery of Dónal comes first.
We are hopeful that we can re-schedule concerts for 2025.
We would request that people respect Dónal’s privacy as he works towards recovery.

Tríona ní Dhomhnaill
Matt Molloy
Paddy Keenan
Kevin Burke
Paddy Glackin
Seán Óg Graham

Maria Theessink, artistic director at Tønder Festival, says, "I find this cancellation very distressing and I hope that we will see the band at Tønder Festival next year. We wish Dónal a very speedy recovery."

Tønder Festival 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2024
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