Tønder Festival Appeals for Audience Help

5. May 2020

Tønder Festival has received a steady stream of messages from wellwishers, sending encouragement and support. The management are working full time on the economics of Tønder Festival 2020, so they can start planning Tønder Festival 2021. “Our heartfelt thanks for all your encouragement! We sincerely hope that festivalgoers will transfer their tickets to Tønder Festival in 2021,” says Kirstine Uhrbrand, administrative director at Tønder Festival.

Because of the Corona crisis, all this summer’s major festivals in Denmark are cancelled.  There will be no Tønder Festival in 2020, and the cancellation has serious economic consequences for the festival.

The festival management is certain that Tønder Festival will take place in 2021, but this year’s cancellation means that the festival is badly in need of support from, among others, the audience. The festival management hopes that festivalgoers will choose to transfer their tickets instead of demanding a refund.

Letter to ticketholders

Tønder Festival has written to all those who have bought tickets for this year’s festival, offering two choices:

either: you can transfer your festival tickets, camping tickets etc from 2020 to 2021

or: if you choose not to attend Tønder Festival 2021, you can have the price of your 2020 festival tickets refunded.

“We would like to emphasize that which ever option audience members choose, we are deeply grateful that so many have bought tickets for Tønder Festival 2020. And we send thanks to the many volunteers, festivalgoers, sponsors, supporters, partners, musicians and technicians who have sent messages wishing us well,” says Kirstine Uhrbrand, administrative director at Tønder Festival.

Forward to 2021

When ticketholders have made their choice and when the details of the new compensation rules for organisers are published, the festival management can judge the full economic effect on Tønder Festival 2020 and make a start on planning Tønder Festival 2021.

“We are really looking forward to Tønder Festival in 2021 and we hope that as many as possible will turn up next year. At the same time we must adapt the festival to the new realities the Corona crisis has brought,” says Kirstine Uhrbrand, administrative director at Tønder Festival.

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