Tønder Festival Circle

21. July 2020

Dear Tønder Festival fans,

We miss the smell of sawdust, we miss getting ready for the summer’s main event: Tønder Festival. We hear that you feel the same. We need that rush! Friends, we have listened to you – of course the last weekend in August has to be a celebration; it’s a tradition.

We cannot party in the usual way, as things are. But we will not be defeated by a little thing like a pandemic.  One year without a festival does not mean we have to forego the atmosphere, the spirit, or the music. Tønder Festival is a vital tradition.

So let’s join in and welcome:

Tønder Festival Circle

It happens in your garden, on your patio, in your summer cottage, wherever you choose to celebrate a fantastic Saturday.

If you invite your friends and set the table, we will supply:

  • Festival music in your speakers, including live interviews on festival radio
  • Festival packs containing festival wine, festival support wristbands, booklets with greetings from musicians, Tønder Festival recipes and much more
  • Corporate packs of festival events (28th August 2020)
  • Festival food delivered throughout Tønder County
  • More to be announced

In other words, we will give you a hand in building your own Tønder Festival wherever you are. Call in your Tønder Festival gang, carry on as you usually do at the festival or start some new traditions. Tønder Festival Circle is our shared festival fix. None of us can do without. We’re sending it out to everybody who wants to join in.

Working in conjunction with local restaurants and other good folk in the Tønder area, we can assure you that if you live here, or are one of the many who have retained your booked accommodation in Tønder, then there is plenty to look forward to.

We hope you are up for it. Let’s help keep Tønder Festival going – let the circle be unbroken.

Read more and book at from Monday 3rd August 2020.

With festival greetings

Tønder Festival Circle

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