Jubilee Project: Portraits in Prose and Wood

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The Jubilee Project is art portraying musicians and others and many of the stories involved in Tønder Festival. New pieces are added year by year are on show at Tonder Festival. The first pieces were exhibited on the Festival site and at Tønder Art Museum (The Pump House) in 2018. Every year, the artists assemble material for next year’s exhibition, and the whole project will culminate in a major show at Tonder Festival’s 50th anniversary. The works focus on the portrait as genre and the dynamic between the woodcuts’ external portraits and the inner workings of the texts. The project also examines local historical and folk elements in art.

The artists, Sanne Flyvbjerg and Søren Assenholt, have collaborated for ten years on various exhibitions and publications, combining their interests in memoires and ancient tales with modern techniques in their passion for linking literature, visual art and music.


Link to portraits: http://flyvbjerg-assenholt.dk/tf