Anniversary Project: Festival Stories in Prose and Wood

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(Photo: Daniel Norgren, relief in oak, Søren Assenholt, prose, Sanne Flyvbjerg)

The author Sanne Flyvbjerg and the artist Søren Assenholt will, this year and in the following years, be creating portraits of Tønder Festival musicians and guests.


Daniel Norgren

Foy Vance

Grant-Lee Phillips

Kaia Kater

Niels Hausgaard


Tami Neilson

Terry Evans

William Prince

The first artworks will be exhibited in 2018, on display on the festival site and in Tønder Art Museum (the Pump House). Each year, the artists will collect material for the following year’s exhibition, and the whole project will culminate in a major exhibition marking the occasion of Tønder Festival’s half-centenary.

During their nine-year collaboration, Flyvbjerg and Assenholt have exhibited and published works showing their interest in memorials and old tales in modern garb, and their passion for combining literature, pictorial art and music.

Interview with Sanne Flyvbjerg and Søren Assenholt

Websites for author Sanne Flyvbjerg and artist Søren Assenholt: