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FAQ – questions and answers about Tønder Festival 2019

(The FAQ is updated regularly. The content is object to changes without any notice.)

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Wrist band and admission
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About wrist bands and admission:

What does the wrist bands to the festival cost?

Wristbands Adults Students* Youths (12-17 years)
Partout DKK 1.490,- DKK 1.290,- DKK 800,-
Thursday DKK 700,- DKK 500,- DKK 300,-
Friday DKK 800,- DKK 700,- DKK 400,-
Saturday DKK 800,- DKK 700,- DKK 400,-
Sunday DKK 600,- DKK 500,- DKK 300,-

*Students: Wristbands are issued at the Ticket Office; show your valid student card or letter of acceptance. Failure to show relevant documentation will entail payment of the difference between a student and an ordinary wristband.

Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult with a wristband: No charge

All orders are charged a fee of 20 DKK

Are there special tickets for people with disabilities?
Yes. You can buy a Handicap Ticket.

Must a helper for disabled persons pay full price for a wrist band?
If you are approved for a helper you have to send an email to info@tf.dk and attach the relevant documentation. You will then receive an email with a free ticket for your helper. The same procedure goes for camping wrist band. If you purchase your handicap wristband at the ticket office, please bring documentation to ensure a free wristband for your helper.

Ticket pricing for students?
The price for students is 1.290 DKK.  On presentation of a valid student ID at the entrance, students get the discount (200 DKK on the above mentioned price 1.390 DKK). If a valid ID can’t be presented, the price difference up to an ordinary wrist band must be paid. Purchased wrist band is not refundable.

Ticket pricing for persons between 12 and 17 years
All-days wrist band: 800 DKK

Ticket pricing for children under the aged of 12 years
Children under the age of 12 years have free entrance in company with an adult with a wrist band.

Can I buy a wrist band for one day?
Single-day wristbands for the Tønder Festival are available from Monday, April 3rd 10.00 AM.

Does the Festival refund my wrist band?
No, the festival doesn’t refund or exchange purchased wrist band. The same applies for other purchases. (We reserve our right to alter the programme if necessary.)

Where can I buy a wrist band?
You book your wrist band from the website and print out the reservation. We ask you to bring this reservation to one of our three ticket sales, where it will be scanned and exchanged for a wristband, which is applied on site.
The ticket sales are to be found at the three entrances, from where the wrist bands are sold during the festival. Please refer to the map.

Can I buy a ticket for single events?

What does a wrist band give me have access to?
You get access to the festival site, all venues, restaurants, and activities and concerts in Visemøllen and the museum.

What does a single-day wrist band give me access to?
Single-day wrist band provides access to the same as the all-day wristband, but only on the day, printed on the wrist band.
Single-day wrist bands are valid from morning opening on that day, and to the night closure of the site.

Are there concerts I have to make a reservation for?
A wrist band gives access to all venues at the Tønder Festival. Please be aware of the fact that all venues/tents have a seating limit, based on “first come first served” basis.

About the festival:

Who can gain access to the festival-site?
The festival site is an enclosed area surrounded by a fence, which only gives access for guests with valid wrist bands.
The wrist band can be purchased and applied by one of the three entrances, on presentation of a valid ticket. Remember to print and bring the attached ticket with a barcode.

What is Outlaw Village?
Outlaw Village is a neighbourhood on the Tønder Festival site built up to resemble a township in the American wild west in the 1800s. This part of the site opened in 2017.
In the village, like last year, you will find the Bolero spiegeltent, the village music venue. Here you can hear, among other genres, bluegrass, country and americana. During the festival, music will also be played from the Front Porch stage, which has been moved this year so you can enjoy the music from a seat in the village.
Like most of the buildings, the saloon has a wooden facade, behind which the local piano-player will knock out some honky-tonk while you enjoy your beer, a glass of wine, a whisky or your favourite drink. Various forms of coffee will also be on sale. When you get hungry, step over to the Steak House and order your chosen style of steak, or a coleslaw burger. At the other end of the village, meals are on sale from the Food Truck.
The whole village is devoted to a western atmosphere, which you can savour at one of the many tables or as you take in the view up from the new terrace above the coffee wagon.

All the best
The Sheriff

Tickets to Bolero
Tickets for concerts in the Bolero spiegeltent can be collected two hours before the published concert start time, though not before 9 a.m. 450 tickets will be issued, corresponding to the number of seats in the tent.
Two tickets will be issued per applicant. With your ticket in hand, you are assured of admission, provided you arrive at least ten minutes before the published concert start time.
The doors to the tent will open after sound-check, around 30 minutes before concert start.
Tickets will be issued in the Outlaw Village – just follow the signs.

Am I allowed to bring my own chair?
Yes, you can bring, what we call “an ordinary camping chair” into the festival site.
However, there are some strings attached to this.
The chair may NOT be placed in front of the stages, and are not allowed at venues with chair-setting setup.
The festival is responsible for every ones safety. If we believe that your chair is a nuisance, you’ll be asked to find another place to sit. The request will be kind but firm and it MUST be followed.
Failure to do so may end up with an eviction from the venue, with subsequent seizure of the wrist band, as a consequence.

Can I bring a bicycle to the festival-site / Open-Air area?
No. For safety reasons, we can’t allow bicycles on the festival site.
All cyclists are asked to use our expanded bicycle parking, at the West entrance at Jernbanevej.

Can bring my pet to the festival-site?
No. We do not allow you to bring pets of any kind on the festival site. At the campsite you are welcome to bring your pet (dog and/or cat). Please refer to “Camping”.

What and where to eat at the festival-site?
Right from breakfast-time and until the festival-site closes down for the night, we have a wide selection of food. There is something for every budget and every taste, from gourmet to fast-food.
The festival-site offers coffee and cakes along with food originating from other countries.

Where does the opening take place?
At the Open-Air stage. It takes place on thursday, August 24 at 12pm. Secretary of culture Mette Bock gives the opening speech.

Can I buy a printed programme?
Yes, it’s going to be released in June. More information to follow on this website.

Is it possible to charge my smartphone?
Charging stations are located on the festival site at Grønnegade and at the beer stall in the eastern open air area and on the campground at the camping market.

Is it possible to buy CD’s, LP’s and meet musicians at Millstream Records?
Sure, Millstream will be at the festival-site and their activities are unchanged. The Double-CD of the year is released in  June.

About camping:

How much does a camping wristband cost?

· Camping short 23/8-27/8 = 400 DKK pr. person
· Camping long 19/8-27/8 = 500 DKK pr. person
· Power = 400 DKK
· Tenthouse = 2.200 DKK (2 persons)
· Tentipi = 2.600 DKK (1-4 persons, Remember to buy camping wristbands for each person)

Camping for disabled persons?
Of course, we have camping opportunity for disabled persons.
The rules are the same as for non-disabled, but the area is closer to the festival site.
A camping wrist band for a helper is included free of charge, under the same rules as the concert wrist band.
Please refer to “Must a helper for disabled persons pay full price for a wrist band?”.

What does a camping wrist band give me access to?
A camping wrist band allows access to the camp-site, and the right to use a lot of land on which you may place 1 accommodation unit (tent, caravan, mobile home or equivalent) and 1 vehicle (car, motorcycle or equivalent)
It is not allowed to set up further accommodation units on a lot.
Fire and safety regulations MUST be followed, and any notice from the staff at the campsite MUST be followed.

When can I get in on the campsite?
This is possible from sunday, August 20 at 08:00 am.
The Camping information will not be open around the clock at the start, so there will be established queue-up possibility until it opens.

General notice to camping

  • The campsite will be blocked off for people without a concert / festival wrist band.
  • It is possible to buy a day-visitor ticket to the campsite at the south entrance.
  • Accommodation units may only be used by people with valid camping wrist band. People without valid entrance will be refused.
  • There is a maxium stay of 4 persons in each unit.
  • The camping area will, in the first few days, have limited bathing and toilet facilities.
  • The disabled camping, the electric power equipped places ,the TentHouse’s and the Festipi’s will be placed at a geographically designated area, where a guard will assign camping spots to you.
  • For safety reasons it is NOT allowed to stay overnight in cars/vans.
  • Pets (dogs and / or cats) are allowed at the camp-site, when the owner keeps the animal on a leash. If the pet is causing complaints, the camp staff recommendations are to be followed. Otherwise, an eviction may happen.
  • Marking / reservation of lot(s) can be done by placing an accommodation unit on the lot.
  • Lots with access to electrical power may only be used by guests who purchased electrical power. Guests on these lots will receive a label, which has to be placed on the tent/camper/caravan. The max. electrical output is 7A/1500W.
  • Lots marked for internal use of Tønder Festival, will be clearly signposted, these are not to be removed.
  • Violation of the rules above can result in immediate expulsion and withdrawal of camping wrist band.

Camping shop and information opening hours
Camping Shop
Sunday         Aug 20        07.00 am – 09.00 pm
Monday        Aug 21         07.00 am – 11.00 am and 04.00 pm – 09.00 pm
Tuesday       Aug 22         07.00 am – 11.00 am and 04.00 pm – 12.00 am
Wednesday  Aug 23         07.00 am – 12.00 am
Thursday     Aug 24         24h open
Friday          Aug 25         24h open
Saturday      Aug 26         24h open
Sunday        Aug 27         07.00 am – 05.00 pm
Monday        Aug 28        closed
Tuesday       Aug 29        closed

Camping Information
Sunday         Aug 20        08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Monday        Aug 21         09.00 am – 09.00 pm
Tuesday       Aug 22         09.00 am – 09.00 pm
Wednesday  Aug 23         08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Thursday     Aug 24         08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Friday          Aug 25         08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Saturday      Aug 26         08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Sunday        Aug 27         08.00 am – 08.00 pm
Monday       Aug 28         08.00 am – 01.00 pm

Can I rent a tent?
No, not a tent, but a TentHouse.
Price: 2.200 DKK per TentHouse.  There is room for two persons.
There will be a limited number TentHouse’s available, and there will NOT be created a waiting list for TentHouse.

What is the advantage of a TentHouse?
– Close to the festival site.
– There is electricity and light.
– There is a 135 x 200 cm mattress.
– Inside, lockable safety-deposit box and the whole TentHouse can be locked.
– Fixed bottom lifted off the ground.
– Space for luggage.
– Camping wristband(s) and electricity are included in the rental price.

Is it possible to rent a TentHouse for one night?
No, this is for practical reasons not possible.

Rent a Festipi

It is possible to rent a tipi-tent. The tipis have individual designs, so you always find your own tent. It is possible to rent extra camping gear like chairs and tables. The Festipis are available in different sizes, for 2, 5 and 7 people.

To rent a Festipi you first have to buy a camping wristband on our homepage, then you rent a Festipi on https://tf.festipi.nl/.

Is there shower possibility on the site?
Yes, there are mobile bathrooms with hot and cold water available. The use is free, and too keep it that way for the future, we urge you to help us to keep the wagons clean and inviting.

Can I park my car at the camp-site when I live there?
Yes, you can. In each lot, 1 vehicle (car, motorcycle or equivalent) is allowed.
For safety reasons it is not allowed to stay overnight in cars/vans.
Violation will result in immediate expulsion and withdrawal of camping wrist band!

Can I barbecue on the campsite?
Sure, but only at the places that Tønder Festival has prepared for it.
For safety reasons we can’t allow any other use of open fire.

What is the Jam Camp?
The Jam Camp is a car free camping area with focus on creativity, camp life and participation in a community. Sit around the bonfire at a jam session, have a camp party or participate in small workshops organized by the youths themselves. The youth organisation Folk-Oplysningen, who stands behind FOLKAMOK and Copenhagen Folk Jam, are the hosts to the Jam Camp and present many fun activities. The Jam Camp is for everyone!

Find the Jam Camp at Festivalvej 12-14 right next to the camping market.

Lost and found items
from the festival site have been delivered to The police station in Tønder.
Tønder Politistation, Nørregade 15, 6270 Tønder, Tlf. 0045 73921448

Other rules:

Can I take pictures?
For private use: Photo shooting for private use is allowed, provided that it is done without using flash, or any other sort of additional lighting.
Audio and video recordings of the concerts are NOT allowed.

For professional use:
Photography, audio and video recordings for professional use or public release is only allowed with the permission (accreditation) of Tønder Festival.

Violation of the above may result in expulsion from the festival ground, with demand off leaving the equipment outside the festival-site.
In serious matters, the confiscation of concert and camping wrist band can be an option.
Unauthorized releases on YouTube or similar, can expect legal actions.

Can I bring my own beverages?
You are not allowed to bring your own drinks (bottles, cans etc.) to the festival site. However, you may bring the beverages you’ve bought at the festival stalls outside the festivalsite.

Are there any rules regarding smoking?
Smoking is permitted at all the places where there is no prohibition. A prohibition is recognized by being inside or the area is marked with a “No smoking” sign.
We urge that both smokers and non-smokers take the utmost respect to each other.
The above rules apply to the use of E-Cigarettes & E pipes as well.

The audience of the Tønder Festival is distinguished by being mature and responsible people who are friendly enough to clean up after them selves.
They have proven that year after year, and we are very proud and very happy to have such an audience!
At the camp-site, the garbage just has to be returned to the collection points when you leave the site, this keeps both nature and the conscience clean, and we can finish up sooner, and begin the preparations for next year.