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FAQ – questions and answers about Tønder Festival 2020

(The FAQ is updated regularly. The content is object to changes without any notice.)

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Wristbands and access:

What does the wrist bands to the festival cost? (In DKK)

Wristbands Adults Students* Youths (12-17 years)
Partout DKK 1.690,- DKK 1.390,- DKK 800,-

*Wristbands available at ticket counters on production of a valid student card or college (etc) acceptance letter. If no documentation can be shown, then the difference between an ordinary wristband and a student wristband will be charged.

Children under 12 accompanied by an adult with a wristband come in free.

Once purchased, wristbands are non-refundable.
Tønder Festival reserves the right to make necessary programme changes.

Administration charge: kr. 25,-

Is there a disabled ticket?
No, but your carer gets in free.

Does a disabled person’s assistant pay full price for a wristband?
No. When you have ordered your own ticket, send a mail to info@tf.dk, attaching your assistance document, proving you are entitled to a carer. You will receive a free ticket for your carer. This goes for camping tickets too. If you buy your disabled ticket at the gate, show your carer document so your carer can get their free ticket.

Is there a student discount?
Wristbands for students cost 1390 kr. on production of a valid student card or letter of acceptance. If you cannot do so, you will be charged the difference between a normal ticket and a student rate. No refunds.

Are there junior wristband prices?
For youngsters between 12 and 17 years (inclusive), an all-days wristband costs 800 kr.
Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult with an wristband get in free.

Can I buy a wristband for a single day?
A limited number of single-day wristbands go on sale on April 1st at 10 a.m.

Can I return a wristband I have bought to Tønder Festival?
No. Tønder Festival does not buy wristbands back. There are no refunds or exchanges. This is the policy for all sales at Tønder Festival.

Where do I buy my wristband?
You buy your wristband on the Tønder Festival website www.tf.dk/ and you print out the ticket.
Show your ticket at one of the three ticket counters where it will be scanned and exchanged for an wristband which will be tied to your arm on the spot.
The ticket counters by the three entrances also sell non-preordered wristbands.

Can I buy tickets for individual concerts?

What does a wristband give access to?
You have access to the festival site, all the festival site stages, eateries and activities, plus to concerts at the Old Mill and the Pump House.

What does a single-day wristband give access to?
A single-day wristband give the same access as an all-days wristband, but only on the day stated.  A single-day wristband is valid from site opening time until site closing time.

Can I reserve a seat at any concert?
No. Your wristband gives you access to all the Tønder Festival stages. Note however that all the venues have limited room; it’s first come, first served.
BUT – see Bolero.

Where can I park?
If you camp on the Tønder Festival Campsite, you can park in your berth. Otherwise, follow the signs to the public car parks in town. See ”Parking” for further public car parks.

Safety precautions:
If you park in Viddingherredsgade, please note that it is forbidden to cross the railway line.

About Tønder Festival:

Who has access to Tønder Festival?
Tønder Festival site is a closed, fenced area, open only to those with a valid wristband.
This wristband can be purchased and attached at one of the three ticket counters. If you have already bought a ticket online, show your ticket and have your wristband tied on. Remember to bring the printed ticket with its vital bar code.

Can I visit the Tønder Festival Campsite without a festival ticket?
Yes, you may. Tønder Festival Campsite is open for all and offers entertainment: concerts on the  Campsite stage, booths selling all sorts of goods and a lot of fun. Just remember that if you want to spend the night on the Tønder Festival Campsite, you need to buy a camping wristband.

What about getting in to Bolero?
Tickets for concerts in the Bolero spiegeltent are available 2 hours before the published start of the concert, and not before 9 a.m. There are 450 tickets, corresponding to the seats in the spiegeltent. There are maximum 2 tickets per person applying. Your ticket assures you of a seat in Bolero, provided you are there at least ten minutes before the start of the concert.
The spiegeltent doors open after sound checks, i.e. about half an hour before kick off.

Tickets can be collected on the Outlaw Village square. Follow the signs.

May I bring a chair on to the Tønder Festival site?
Yes, you can bring an ordinary camping chair on to the Tønder Festival site.
Here are the conditions: chairs must not be placed right in front of the stage, and may not be used at venues with seating.

Tønder Festival is responsible for everyone’s safety. If we consider your chair is in the way, you will asked to move. Our request will be friendly but firm, and must be followed. A refusal to comply can lead to expulsion from the Tønder Festival site and confiscation of your wristband.

May I bring a bicycle on to Tønder festival site or the Open Air zone?
No. Safety concerns dictate that bicycles are not allowed on the Tønder festival site.
Bicycles can be left at the extended bike park by the West entrance on Jernbanegade.

May I bring pets on to the Tønder Festival site?
No. However your pet is welcome on the Tønder Festival Campsite. See Camping.

What and where can I eat on the Tønder Festival site?
From opening time until closing time, there is a wide selection of food, both local and from around the world. There is someting for every taste and every budget, from gourmet meals to fast food to coffee and delicious cakes.
We want to reduce food wastage. Most food outlets will be closed late at night.

Where is the Opening Concert?
On the Open Air stage Thursday during the festival. Gates open at 12:00 noon, and the Opening Concert begins at 12:30.
The Opening Concert is free.

Can I buy a printed programme?
Yes. The printed programme comes out in June. More information to follow here on the Tønder Festival website.

When does Tønder Festival close?
According to tradition, Tønder Festival ends with the Sunday night concert in Tent 1. There will however be music on Sunday night and until 2 a.m. Monday. The various venues close progressively.
The Open Air zone closes at 7 p.m., the Club Stage and Tent 2 shut down from 9 p.m. Sunday and Tent 1 closes at 1 a.m. on Monday morning.
If you want more Tønder Festival, there will be a concert in Bolero until 2 a.m.

Where can I charge my mobile phone?
There are chargers on the Tønder Festival site at Grønnegade,  at the Øl / beer bar in Østbyen (Open Air zone) and on the Campsite at the Camping Høkeren / Grocer’s.

Can I buy CDs and LPs and meet the musicians at Millstream during Tønder Festival?
Yes, Millstream will be open during Tønder Festival. This year’s double cd will be released in June.

Is it possible to buy CD’s, LP’s and meet musicians at Millstream Records?
Sure, Millstream will be at the festival-site and their activities are unchanged. The Double-CD of the year is released in  June.

Visit the Instrument Tent, where dealers and builders exhibit guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, violins and other acoustic instruments.
Come in, look around, and try out the instruments.

About Camping:

Camping tickets will be available from december 2nd 2019 10:00 am. Camping tickets and all other tickets will be sold via tf.dk.

The Tønder Festival Campsite has a new booking system, part of the new developments to improve your camping experience.

The booking system enables a better flow into the Campsite, helps the festival planning and ensures there is space for everyone on the Campsite.

You give the booking system details of your length of stay, size of your tent or camper, number of guests spending the night, and you can choose to buy electricity.
You can also choose one of Tønder Festival’s own dwellings: lodges, family teepees and tent houses.

What does camping cost?
· Camping wristband pp: 100 kr.
· Short-term camping, unit 0-6 m.: 650 kr.
· Short-term camping, unit over 6 m.: 950 kr.
· Long-term camping, unit 0-6 m.: 800 kr.
· Long-term-camping, unit over 6 m.: 1050 kr.
· Electricity: 400 kr.
· Tent house: 2600 kr. (1-2 people)
· Teepee: 3000 kr. (1-8 people)
· Lodge: 3000 kr. (1-2 people)
· Car-free camping, short-term = 300 kr.
· Car-free camping, long-term = 400 kr.

A camping wristband is only valid in conjunction with a festival wristband.

As berths and power points are limited, they may sell out.

Does a disabled person’s carer pay full price for a camping wristband?
No. Send a mail to info@tf.dk and attach carer documentation. Tell us whether your carer is staying in a separate tent or camper. We’ll send your carer a free camping ticket.

Disabled camping
For festivalgoers with disabilities, space is reserved near the South Gate.
Here there are also toilet and bathing facilites for disabled people.
Camping wristbands for disabled people are on sale in the special slot on tf.dk – Ticket Sales.
The disabled camping area is subject to the same rules as the rest of the Campsite.

What access does a camping wristband give?
A camping wristband gives access to the Tønder Festival Campsite.

When can I get in to the Campsite?
There is access from 8.00 a.m. on Sunday 23rd August.
Camping Information is not open round the clock. After closing time, a temporary holding area will be established, so you can spend the night and check in the following morning.

Camping  – General 

  • Guests are welcome on the Tønder Festival Campsite, but they can’t stay the night.
  • Camping units may only be occupied by people with a valid camping wristband. Others will be asked to leave.
  • During the first days the Campsite is open, there will limited bathing and toilet facilities.
  • Disabled berths, electricity berths, Tent Houses,  lodge and teepee sites are separate, defined spaces, where campsite officials delegate places.
  • Safety rules prohibit sleeping in cars and vans not specifically purpose-built.
  • Dogs and cats can be brought to the Campsite, provided they are on a leash. In the case of any disturbance caused by pets, Campsite officials’ guidance must be followed. Persistent pet nuisance can lead to expulsion from Tønder Festival Campsite.
  • Most toilet wagons have a port for emptying camping toilets – use them and only them.
  • Unauthorised sales and booths are forbiddden on the Campsite.
  • Marking and reserving a space: pitch your tent or park your unit in your chosen space. Spaces can be reserved from Sunday 23rd August at 8.00 a.m. Goods left before then will be removed.
  • If you want to reserve a space for others coming later, their camping ticket must be shown. Marking extra spaces must be approved by a Campsite official.
  • Volunteers required for preparation of the Tønder Festival site and Campsite have access to the Campsite before Sunday 23rd August.
  • Electricity berths are reserved for those festivalgoers who have paid extra for it. Campsite officials will indicate the electricity berths. Reservation of berths for others entails showing electricity receipts and tickets for other units. The electricity label must be attached to your tent / caravan / camper and visible from the road.  Maximum power load: 7A/1500W. Only CEE cables may be used. The nearest power point may not be so close, so bring an extension cable. Extension cables and plugs can be hired at Ticket Counter South and collected from Camping Info.
  • Areas and units used by Tønder Festival will be clearly marked with the Festival marker tape. Please do not remove these markers.
  • If you want to pitch a pavillion or party marquee, a separate ticket must be bought for that unit. You also need an electricity ticket for the unit at an electricity berth.

Safety precautions

  • Fire regulations require 3 metres distance between units (tent, caravan or camper )
  • Vehicles, marquees and canopies without side walls may be parked or pitched within the safety zone.
  • Units and vehicles, trailers etc, must not be placed on the fire roads.
  • The use of naked flame – open fires, fireworks, torches, gas burners, candles etc – is forbidden.
  • Barbecues: only in the designated areas.

Please observe the rules. And please follow instructions from Campsite officials. Failure to do so can lead to removal of your camping wristband and expulsion from the Campsite.

How many occupants does your unit house?
Each individual must have a camping wristband. If two of you are sleeping in the same accommodation, you need two wristbands.

Unit 0-6 m
If your accommodation unit is less than 6 metres in length, this is the category to choose.
Note that the caravan towbar counts in the length.

Unit over 6 m
This is the category to choose if your unit is longer than 6 metres.
Measurement must include the caravan towbar.

Car-free Camping Zone
If you prefer to camp close to your neighbours without cars alongside, you can  choose the “Baghaven” and “Marsken”.

Baghaven is busy, full of music and centrally placed behind the campsite grocer’s shop and the Music Zone. It can get lively here, at night as well as by day. Choose this zone and we will reserve a pitch for you here.

Marsken is the quiet zone, on the edge of the campsite. Peace and quiet reign here. Book your ticket for this zone and we will make sure you get a pitch here.

Prices are lower at the Car-free Camping Sone, but there are fewer tickets.

A camping wristband (100 kr. each) is also required.

Do you need electricity?
Even at a festival, it can be useful to charge your mobile phone, hang some coloured lights or make your morning coffee on your own coffee machine. Fortunately, you can buy a power stance for your camping unit at Tønder Festival.
If you pitch an awning, pavillon or party tent at your power stance, remember to buy an electricity ticket for it, too.
Each power ticket gives access to electricity for 1 unit. Maxumum power load: 6A/1320W. Only CEE cables may be used.
Note: there is a limited number of power stances available; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Can I rent a tent?
No, not a tent, but a tent house, a teepee or a lodge.

Tent house rental
Tent houses are centrally located on the campsite, fitted with electric light and power points, a 135 x 200 cm mattress and a safe box. Tent houses have locks, a fiberglass floor, are raised above ground level and have luggage space. Electricity is included in the rent. Renting a tent house costs 2600 DKK. Your camping wristband costs another 100 DKK each.

Can I rent a tent house for one night?

Teepee Rental
You can rent a teepee, which will be pitched and ready for you when you arrive at Tønder Festival. A teepee has a canopy of cotton/polyester and a tarpaulin floor. A teepee is 5.3 metres in diameter, 3.1 metres high and sleeps up to 8. It costs 3000 kr. to rent a teepee. You need a camping wristband as well (100 kr. each.)

Electrical power is not available for purchase for the teepees.

Lodge Rental
Or why not try one of our wooden lodges?
The chalets are wooden with a sturdy tarpaulin roof and room for 2 people. There are power plugs in the chalets, so mobile phones etc. can be charged. Electricity is included in the rental price.

A lodge costs 3000 DKK to rent. You buy your camping wristband (100 DKK each) in addition.

Are there bathing facilities on site?
Yes, there are bathroom wagons with shower cubicles and hot and cold water for free use. In order that we can continue to offer this gratis service, we ask you help keep the wagons clean and serviceable.

Beside the fire tower you’ll find a big bathroom tent with separate male and female sections, simply appointed but inviting.

Can I park my car on the Campsite, if I’m staying there?
Yes. Each berth can have one vehicle (car, motorcycle etc). Other vehicles can can park in the public car parks in town.
Guests in tent houses, teepees, lodges, Jam Camp and the Marsken / Fens camp area, there is parking nearby.

Parking is not permitted beside the Camping Høkeren / Grocer.

You may drive in the Campsite during your stay, but for safety reasons we ask you to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Can we barbecue on the Campsite?
Yes, but only in the areas designated by Tønder Festival. Safety rules forbid all other use of naked flame.

Lost Property:
Goods lost and found on the Tønder Festival site and Campsite will be handed in to Tønder Police Station, Nørregade 15, 6270 Tønder, Tel. (0045) 73921448.

Other rules:

Can I take pictures?
Photography for your own use only is permitted without flash or other light sources. Sound and video recording at live concerts are NOT allowed.

Professional photography, sound and video recording for publication are permitted only with appropriate accreditation from Tønder Festival.

Violation of these rules can mean exclusion from Tønder Festival site and deposition of equipment outwith the site, to prevent repetition.
Persistent violation can lead to confiscation of concert and camping wristband.
Unauthorised publication e.g. on YouTube etc will entail legal action.

May I bring my own drinks?
It is not permitted to bring your own drinks (bottles, tins etc) in to the Tønder festival site. You may of course bring bottled water or draught beer bought at the festival’s bar by the entrance.

Smoking rules?
Smoking is permitted wherever it is not forbidden. No smoking indoors or where you see a No Smoking sign.
We encourage both smokers and non-smokers to show consideration.
These rules apply equally to E-cigarettes & E-pipes.

Tønder Festival’s audience are known for their maturity and responsibility. They are kind and they tidy up after themselves. We have seen this time and time again over the years, and we are extremely grateful for it!
On the Campsite, dump your rubbish at the collection points when you leave. This makes for a clean conscience and clean surroundings, and we can get finished quicker, so we can get started on next year’s Tønder Festival.