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Camping ticket availability will be announced as soon as possible. Camping tickets and all other tickets will be sold via

The Festival Campsite is for everyone. Accommodation on the site is only possible if you purchase a camping wristband when purchasing a festival wristband. Children under the age of 12 years accompanied by an adult: no charge.

There are special areas reserved for the disabled. The rules are the same as for the rest of the Campsite, however, the area is closer to the festival site. A camping wristband for your helper is included free of charge under the same rules as the festival wristband.

The price is per unit and for the entire period. There will be a limited number of units for sale.

Toilet and bathing facilities are available during the entire period. At the beginning of the period to a limited degree.

On arrival – please check in at the camping reception/camping info.

Please note:

Areas reserved for official festival use are clearly marked with festival marking tape.The tape is not to be removed.

The Tønder Festival Camp Site is adjacent to the Festival site. The two sites are complementary. Tønder Festival site has the stages, the music and the main events, but the vast camp site has its own life, atmosphere and informal events.

If you are coming to Tønder Festival, you may have lots of questions about accommodation.

Many of the answers about can be found here in our camping FAQ.

Yet more information is available on the ticket sales page.

And if you are looking for a special camping experience…

Set up your tent at Jam Camp!

The Jam Camp is a car free camping area with focus on creativity, camp life and participation in a community. Sit around the bonfire at a jam session, have a camp party or participate in small workshops organized by the youths themselves. The youth organisation Folk-Oplysningen, who stands behind FOLKAMOK and Copenhagen Folk Jam, are the hosts to the Jam Camp and present many fun activities. The Jam Camp is for everyone!

Find the Jam Camp at Festivalvej 12-14 right next to the camping market.