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  • How do I transfer my ticket to 2021?
    If you want to extend your festival and camping tickets to Tønder Festival 2021, please choose Click Here under Keep Your Tickets and Support Tønder Festival.
    Your whole order is processed by Billetten and is valid for next year’s festival. Tickets will be sent after 14th of June 2020.When you extend your ticket, you are assured of admission to Tønder Festival   At the same time, extending your ticket is the surest way to support Tønder Festival in these difficult times.
  • I want to transfer my all-days ticket, but not my accommodation order. Can I do that?
    If you bought the tickets separately, and you have two separate order numbers, no problem. If you bought your all-days ticket and camping ticket in the same order, they cannot be split up.
  • What if I change my mind later?
    If you change your mind and want a refund after the deadline, please note there will be no refunds after 31st May 2020.
  • Are there tickets that cannot be transferred to 2021?
    All types of Tønder Festival tickets can be extended to Tønder Festival 2021.
  • Can we expect the same musicians as at Tønder Festival 2020?
    It is too soon to say who will appear on the poster at Tønder Festival in 2021. We will do our best to assemble a world-class programme. As soon as we have booked the musicians, you will be hearing from us.



  • How do I get a ticket refund?
    If you want your ticket money back, choose the Click Here button under
  • How long do I have to reclaim my refund?
    You can reclaim your ticket money up until and including 14th June
  • How long does the refund process take?
    Excepting unforeseen delays, Billetten will send you your money back within two months of the deadline. Fees, charges and postage where applicable will not be refunded.
  • Why are you not refunding fees etc?
    The fees pay for the service of providing tickets and refunds. They cannot be refunded since the service has been provided irrespective of whether Tønder Festival 2020 is held or not.
  • Can I reclaim a partial refund?
    As it is not possible to split your order up, only whole orders can be refunded. If you bought your tickets or other services separately, then you have more than one order number, and you can apply separately for a refund for each order number.


Tønder Festival 2021

  • Can I support Tønder Festival in other ways?
    We are aware that many people have asked if they can give Tønder Festival support, beyond extending their tickets to Many thanks! You will be hearing from us.
  • Can we be certain that Tønder Festival will be held in 2021?
    We are completely confident: yes! These last few weeks have shown that we have massive, fantastic backing from all of our supporting circles. That support will form a sound basis on which we can build Tønder Festival 2021.

Further Questions

  • My Tønder Festival 2020 ticket is not registered in my name or e-mail address. What do I do?
    Only the original ticket buyer can claim a refund. If someone else bought your ticket, or you received it as a gift, then you must contact the person who bought it for you.
  • I won tickets for Tønder Festival 2020. Can I swap them for a voucher?
    It is not possible to swap tickets won as prizes for a voucher at But you can exchange your tickets for 2021 tickets.