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Irish Mythen, Tønder Festival 2019 (Foto: Hesselholt-Photo)

“The audience is with you from the moment you walk on stage and say hello to the minute you bow your head to say thank you. They are incredibly and deeply involved with the person or the people who are on the stage. I will come here anytime, and I don’t care what I will have to cancel to be here. It is one of the world’s greatest festivals.”
(Irish Mythen, 2019)

“It’s amazing to be back in Tønder. I see a little change along the way. Lovely changes. Attention to details, the energy and the creativity that goes into making a festival like this happen. It’s beautiful to see. Amongst all the new I still feel the core of the festival, which is going back all these years. The heart of the early festival is still beating, I think.”
(Julie Fowlis, 2019)

“We would like to come back. It’s one of those festivals, you cannot wait to play again.”
(Griffin Sherry, The Ghost of Paul Revere, 2019)

“This is our first year at Tønder Festival, and it has been amazing. It’s an incredible and a historic festival. We can’t believe, that we are playing at the same festival as Kate & Anna McGarrigle and Fairport Convention.”
(Katie Wighton, All Our Exes live in Texas, 2018)

”This is our favourite festival, and we’re just grateful to be here. We don’t need to prove anything, and we feel super comfortable. The place backstage where everybody convenes and just like catches up… for an artist it’s so nice to walk to the stage, do the concert and then come back and know everybody. Everybody’s having such a good time!”
(Brian Elmquist, The Lone Bellow, 2018)

”Accept the thanks of the whole band. Everyone had such a sweet time, and felt well looked after in every way. We’ve been on the road a combined 110 years between the 4 of us, and we have all played plenty of places where nothing made sense but the part on stage. This festival is well done from top to bottom, so thanks for all your hard work.”
(Jeffrey Foucault, 2018)

”I’ve had the pleasure of being here twice now, and the people are so kind, the vibe is so relaxed and inclusive. It’s an amazing honour to be included. The way the whole festival is set up… Canada is similiar to some degree, but you guys do it differently. It creates an environment where you want to visit, you want to meet – it’s pretty beautiful.”
(Joey Landreth, 2018)

”I’ve played so many festivals in my career. Tønder is problably my favourite. The audiences are so warm, and the festival itself is run so well. All the organizers, people like Maria… you really feel welcome, and people are so generous. The hospitality is lovely, and you can tell that it’s a festival that’s been going for a very long time. There’s a sense of community.”
(Tami Neilson, 2018)

“Just a wee note to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team for the invite to play at the festival and for looking after us so well whilst there. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt a really warm connection with the audiences. It’s clear that you guys have worked incredibly hard to make the festival what it is but what is most impressive is the calm authoritative manner with which everyone on the team carries out their duties and the friendly, generous, kind spirited atmosphere that exists throughout. Having worked on large scale productions in Ireland I know that this kind of culture comes from the top and filters down through a team of workers and volunteers.”
(Dónal O’Connor, Ulaid 2018)

“Vi åbnede vores koncert i Telt 2 med to helt akustiske sange. Første nummer var blot to vokaler og to akustiske guitarer spillet ind i én mikrofon midt på scenen. Foran os stod et fyldt telt, som ikke sagde en lyd… de lyttede! Jeg kan ikke komme i tanker om en anden dansk festival, hvor den slags kan lade sig gøre. På Tønder Festival handler det 100 procent om MUSIKKEN! …Jeg elsker det!”
(Mike Andersen, 2018)

“Ett STORT TACK för en fantastisk festival, vi är så imponerade hur ni får allt att fungera. Allt är toppklass, artister, mat, dricka, scener, ljudanläggningar, ja t.o.m. toaletterna. För att inte tala om alla frivilliga som ställer upp, verkar som alla i Tönder har ett hjärta av GULD. Man ser bara glada människor överallt och trots att det regnar, så står publiken tappert kvar.”
(Ulf, Rootsy Live Falkenberg 2018)

”Many congratulations and a big thank you to your team and the thousands of volunteers for delivering such a world-class festival. It is truly a phenomenal event and the music was fantastic. I discovered some great new Danish artists and had the pleasure of seeing some brilliant new artists. For this I am forever grateful. It was a magical experience and I cannot thank you enough for having the opportunity to attend. Thanks so much for booking our east coast artists – Vishten, Irish, Pretty Archie, Coig and Gordie & the guys – it was such an honour to get to see them perform at the best festival in the world.”
(Shelley Nordstrom, ECMA, Canada, 2018)

“I have played festivals all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada the UK – Tonder is in my Top 5. As a musician I was always treated like a king. As a listener, the sound crews are amazing, the venues are comfortable and the artists are always top notch. I always end the weekend wanting more.”
(James Keelaghan, 2017)

“Australia: Woodford. Canada: Edmonton. Scotland: Celtic Connections. England: Shrewsbury. USA: Festival International De Louisiane. Denmark: Tonder. These are the best. All for different reasons. But no one roles out the red carpet for Artists, like the Tonder Festival. They turn a tent, into a venue, in a way that is nearly unmatched. Volunteer organization, is top notch, as is the general organization of the running of everyday things, and the Line-up… speaks for itself. Have a great festival!”
(Leonard Podolak, 2017)

”Festivalpladsen er et smukt sted, og der er noget for alle. Det første, der falder mig ind, når jeg tænker på Tønder Festival, er kærligheden til musikken. Det er musikken, det drejer sig om. Og så er der mange forskellige kunstnere, man eksklusivt kan opleve i Tønder.”
(Jacob Dinesen, 2017)

“The Tønder Festival is a wonderfull cross section of music from all over the world. You don’t need to know, who’s playing, you just walk up and go try it. It’s gonna be good. The festival is impeccably booked. It’s an incredible festival. It’s the young, the old, the new cutting edge names. Maria, the booker of the festival, gets the musicians right before they get famous. That’s a powerfull gift. And there’s a kindness here, that makes me feel comfortable and at home. ”
(Mary Gauthier, 2016)

“This is my first time at Tonder Festival. I don’t want to overstate my experience here. I have played hundreds of festivals in a lot of different countries and I am almost shocked over what these people have created here. This is what everybody want a festival to be!”
(Del Barber, 2016)

”Hvis du lader dig forelske i Tønder Festival, kan du ikke undgå at føle dig tiltrukket hvert eneste år, når det bliver sidst i august. Så har du lyst til at komme herned. Jeg har haft nogle af de bedste koncertoplevelser hernede. Både som musiker og publikum oplever du et helt specielt fællesskab omkring musikken og måden at forstå musikken på.”
(Signe Svendsen, 2016)

”Det, der gør Tønder til noget helt særligt, er publikumsinteressen for musikken og publikums lydhørhed. Og rummet til fordybelse. Der er jo en grund til, at alles øjne efterhånden er rettet mod Tønder Festival. Ikke fordi Tønder har ændret sig, men fordi tiden har ændret sig. Tiden tørster efter fordybelse og nærvær.”
(Folkeklubben, 2016)

“The Tonder festival in 1982 was my introduction to Denmark, and I have to thank Alex Campbell and Carsten Panduro for starting me on the journey that became a series of so many good times, with so many good friends, not only at the festival but throughout Denmark. I’m really pleased to be back at what surely must be one of the best festivals in Europe. Now the festival is under new management, let’s make it the first of many to remember!”
(Allan Taylor, 2015)

”Jeg har altid mærket en festival med en sjælden varm glød, hvor det hele er mere loose og afslappet end alle mulige andre steder. Der opstår noget, som man ikke lige kan kalkulere sig frem til. Det er det mest interessante og levende bevis på, at festivalen er i live og er på vej et sted hen. Det handler ikke bare om at holde fast i noget, der var. Det er en festival, der – fordi den er så omfavnende både over for musikere og publikum, og fordi den er stædig – er blevet en moderne festival.”
(Poul Krebs, 2014)

“Jeg tror ikke, der findes en festival, hvor publikum er så blandet kønsmæssigt, aldersmæssigt, socialt og så videre som i Tønder. Det er folk, der interesserer sig for den grundlæggende musik. Den musik, som al anden musik står på skuldrene af. Det er den musik, der er det særlige ved Tønder. Musik, som måske nok har bølgedale og bølgetoppe, men som altid vil bestå. Enhver god rockmusiker har sine rødder intakte. Hvor ville Dylan og Springsteen have været henne, hvis ikke de regelmæssigt har været nede for at suge af den musik?”
(Niels Hausgaard, 2013)