Capercaillie (SCO)

For 40 years now, Scottish crossover pioneers Capercaillie have held audiences entranced from Oban to Baghdad. Capercaillie launched in1984 and was among the first Scots bands to fuse folk music with modern music technologies. Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw were the band’s leading profiles from the outset. Matheson is considered among the finest Gaelic singers, among her fans being Sir Sean Connery, who described her singing voice as “a throat that is surely touched by God.” Donald Shaw, besides playing accordion and keyboards in Capercaillie, was artistic director of Celtic Connections folk festival in Glasgow for 12 years. He has also produced music for many artists and composed prize-winning music for films and TV. He has collaborated with Nancy Griffith, Peter Gabriel, Ornette Coleman and Bonnie Raitt, among others. Capercaillie is still capable of vivifying 400 year-old songs and tunes, and sales of over a million albums confirm their worldwide success. Capercaillie have performed at Tønder Festival several times, and our audiences have appreciated their unfolding musical expression and the diversity that is the group’s trademark. Their only Danish festival in 2024.