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Tickets & wristbands

You buy your wristband here.

Print out the ticket or save it on your smartphone.
Show your ticket at one of the three ticket counters where it will be scanned and exchanged for an wristband which will be tied to your arm on the spot.

The ticket counters by the three entrances also sell non-preordered wristbands.

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If you want the full experience at Tønder Festival, you can buy a 4-day partout wristband. The wristband grants access from the site's opening until closing time on all four days.

You also have the option of buying 1-day ticket(s) for the day or days you wish to participate. 1-day tickets grants access from the opening of the site until closing time on the day in question.

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  • Adult

4-day partout ticket 1.975 kr.

1-day tickets

Wednesday: 950 kr.

Thursday: 1.150 kr.

Friday: 1.150 kr.

Saturday: 1.150 kr.

  • Student

4-day partout 1.600 kr.

1-day tickets

Wednesday: 850 kr.

Thursday: 1.150 kr.

Friday: 1.150 kr.

Saturday: 1.150 kr.

  • Youth tickets (12-17 y/o)

4-day partout 900 kr.

1-day tickets

Wednesday: 450 kr.

Thursday: 550 kr.

Friday: 550 kr.

Saturday: 550 kr.

Purchased wristbands are not refundable.
Subject to changes in the program.

Ticket fee: DKK 20

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Tickets are exchanged for wristbands at our ticket offices by each entrance. Bring your ticket with you or show it on your phone. Make sure the screen on the phone is undamaged.

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You will find the ticket offices at the three entrances, from where wristbands are also sold during the Tønder Festival.

Ticket office, West entrance

16 august: Kl. 3 pm - 9 pm

17-19 august: Closed

20-24 august: 9 am - 10 pm

Ticket office, East entrance

16-20 august: Closed

21-24 august: 9 am - 10 pm

Ticket office, Camp site entrance

16 august: Closed

17-23: 8 am - 8 pm

24 august: Closed

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No. You cannot buy tickets for individual concerts.

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Students: Wristbands for students cost 1.600 kr. on production of a valid student card or letter of acceptance. If you cannot do so, you will be charged the difference between a normal ticket and a student rate. No refunds.

Youth-tickets: For youngsters between 12 and 17 years (inclusive), an all-days wristband costs 900 kr.

Children under the age of 12: Accompanied by an adult get in free.

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Gift cards for Tønder Festival can be used for tickets to the festival or for use at the festival site. You can buy gift cards here.

It's quick and easy, you just have to state the amount you want the gift card for, and optionally write a greeting that will be printed on the card (max 120 characters).

The gift card is only accepted by mail.

Gift card for use on the festival site: Since Tønder Festival is a cashless festival, gift cards that you wish to use on the festival site can be exchanged for a value card in the Card and Cash booth. Show the gift card on the phone or bring the printout with you. Any residual value can be paid out at the same place. Note The card must have been in use for residual value to be paid out.

Note: Gift vouchers are only issued for a whole number between 100 and 2,500 kroner. The gift card is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

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When you are wearing a wristband for Tønder Festival, you get access to the festival site, all the stages, eateries and activities, as well as to concerts in Visemøllen and Pumpehuset.

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The festival site opens at 12 noon on Wednesday the 21 august and is open until 3 pm.

Thursday-Friday-Saturday, the festival site is open to the public from 10 am - 3 pm.

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For concerts on the smallest stages such as Pumpehuset, Visemøllen and Bolero, we advise you to arrive well in advance, as there are a limited number of seats. It is not possible to reserve seats.

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There is free entry for everyone to the opening concert, which takes place at Open Air on Wednesday 21 August at 12.30 p.m

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Camping and accomodation

Of course! Our camping area is directly connected to the festival site and offers activities and music throughout the week leading up to and during the festival. Here you can also shop in the camp site grocer (Campinghøkeren) and go exploring with our stall holders.

To spend the night at the Tønder Festival camping area, you must either

1) buy a camping ticket for your own caravan, tent etc.


2) book accommodation in one of Tønder Festival's accommodation units.

Once that's done, you need to keep track of how many people will be staying overnight in your unit. All guests staying overnight in the camping area must purchase a personal camp ticket.

When both the camping ticket/booking and the correct number of personal camp tickets have been added to the basket, you must decide whether you need electricity for your device.

Note: Electricity can no be purchased for Tønder Festival's accommodation units.

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Personal camping: This ticket must be purchased by all guests who wish to spend the night at Tønder Festival's camping area. Guests are allowed to visit, but they may not spend the night in the camping area.

Persons without personal camping wristbands will be turned away.

Camping ticket: If you bring your own accommodation unit (campervan, tent, tent, etc.), this ticket must be purchased. Each overnight unit must have a camping ticket attached.

Booking of Tønder Festival accommodation: If you do not wish to bring your own accommodation, you can book accommodation in one of Tønder Festival's accommodation: Glamping tent (2 or 4 pers.), Tenthouse or SleepBox.

Electricity ticket: If you want to have electricity for your device, remember to purchase an additional electricity ticket for your unit. Please note that there is not electricity on all of the camping area and this will therefore have an impact on the location of your unit. Tent areas (sold at a reduced price) do not have the option of electricity.

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Tønder Festival has approx. 1,200 power outlets in the camping area. A power outlet allows you to connect your unit to the electricity network. Electrocity tickets may sell out.

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Glamping tent

A glamping tent is for you who would like your festival experience spiced up with a little extra comfort.

It is possible to buy overnight accommodation in a 2-person or 4-person glamping tent, with fully made up beds with foam mattress, chairs and table, carpet, electricity etc.


A Tenthouse has a tent cloth and a fixed base, raised above the ground. It is equipped with a mattress of 135 x 200 cm.

There is electricity and light (included in the price) for mobile charging and a small lamp. Larger appliances must not be connected. There is space for luggage and an internal, lockable safety box.

Sleep Box

Sleep raised above the ground on a foam mattress with everything you need within arm's length. The units are centrally located in the camping area and contain the following: 2-person foam mattress, 3 internal luggage nets, 2 LED lamps, safety box with padlock and solar cells which supply a battery pack with 12V, USB and USB C connectors for charging mobile phones, sound boxes etc.

A personal camping ticket must be purchased separately for each person staying overnight in the unit.

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If you bring your own tent, caravan etc. you must check in at the ticket office, which is on your way down towards the entrance to the camping area on Papegøjevej. See the overview map here for exact location. Once you have checked into the ticket office, you can drive into the camping area, where our volunteers will guide you to a pitch.

If you have booked a stay in one of Tønder Festival's accommodation units, you must drive off to the left immediately after you pass the west entrance on Papegøjevej, before you get to the ticket office for the campsite. When you drive off, you will come straight down to Camping Info, where you will be shown your accommodation by our volunteers.

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If you prefer to camp close to your neighbours without intervening cars, then our car-free area is the place for you. At a lower price, it is a bit cheaper to camp here than in the rest of the camp site. The area is not extensive, so tickets are limited. If you arrive by car, there is a special car park alongside.

You'll find the car-free area centrally placed on the camp site.

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Festivalgoers can access the camp site from 8 a.m. on Saturday 17th August 2024.
Thereafter, check-in is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
If you get here outwith these times, you can park in the area alongside the gate and check in next morning.
Come as eaarly as you can, before you dive in to the festivities. Queues can arise at times, causing delays at both check-in and site assignation.

Guests' wishes for particular spots on the camp site will be respected as far as the rational distribution of units permits.

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One accommodation unit and one vehicle is permitted in a stance.

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Guests must leave the festival camp site by Sunday 25th August at 4 pm at the latest.
Please remember to leave your stance clean and tidy when you leave.

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Mark and reserve your camping stance by placing your accommodation unit on it. No reservations before Saturday 17th August at 8 am. Anything set before that time will be removed.

If you wish to reserve a stance for other guests yet to arrive, please show their camping unit ticket. Marking extra stances is only permitted by agreement with camping volunteers on the site. Please make sure to bring your own marking tape.

Areas Tønder Festival uses for volunteers will be clearly marked with the festival marking tape and sometimes signs. We expect you to respect these markings and leave them in place.

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If you wish to reserve a stance for other guests yet to arrive, please show their camping unit ticket. Marking extra stances is only permitted by agreement with camping volunteers on the site. Please make sure to bring your own marking tape.

Areas Tønder Festival uses for volunteers will be clearly marked with the festival marking tape and sometimes signs. We expect you to respect these markings and leave them in place.

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Fire regulations require 3 metres between accommodation units: tents, caravans, autocampers or cars used for sleeping. Towbars, pavilions, tarpaulins and canopies without walls must all observe the security separation.

One accommodation unit and one vehicle is permitted in a stance.

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There are shower wagons with hot and cold water at several locations on the festival site. They are free to use, and to ensure this continued service, we ask you to help keep the wagons clean and inviting.

By the water tower you'll find a big bathroom marquee with separate men's and women's sections, simply appointed but pleasant and serviceable.

Most of our bathroom wagons have retractable troughs where you can empty your camping toilet buckets. Only here, please!

There will be limited bathroom facilities at the beginning of the week.

You will find drinking water taps at every toilet wagon.

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In the camping area, you will also encounter the three types of waste you will find on the festival site: food waste, residual waste and plastic waste.

The smaller waste bins are distributed over the camping area. As many people move around the camping area, we encourage you to take your waste to the large environmental station close to Campinginfo whenever possible, so that the smaller waste bins do not have to work overtime.

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The camping scene is located close to Campinghøkeren. There will be music and other events here throughout the festival and in the days leading up to it. And it's free!

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At Campinghøkeren you can buy freshly baked bread and a wide selection of groceries, and on some days a breakfast buffet is served.

You can also charge your mobile phone - for a contribution to the festival's Volunteer Fund.

Opening hours:

17 August: 8 am - 9 pm

18-20 August: 7 am - 12 midnight

21-24 August: 7 am - 3 am

25 August: 7 am - 12 noon

In the area around Campinghøkeren you will find stands offering merchandise and a wide selection of goods and services.

It gives a nice festival atmosphere!

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Bread rolls can be ordered in Campinhøkeren from Sunday 18 August. The order must be placed the day before the desired collection. Prices can be found at Campinghøkeren.

Campinghøkeren's breakfast buffet offers delicious danish breakfast classics. The breakfast buffet is offered from Wednesday 21 August until Sunday 25 August. Tickets for the breakfast buffet can be bought in Campinghøkeren the day before you wish to participate by 9.30 am.

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We give high priority to the safety of our guests.

We therefore ask motorists to please respect these rules:

- Max. 20 km/h on the camp site.

- We respect pedestrians and cyclists.

- Limit car driving, both on the site and in and out of the site.

- The site is closed to entry between 8 pm and 8 am. A parking facility will be established at the entrance for late arrivals.

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The use of open flames, including bonfires, fireworks, torches, gas burners, candles, etc., is prohibited.

Use of grills (both charcoal and gas grills) may only take place in the marked areas.

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Pets (dog and/or cat, max. 2) may be brought onto the campsite, provided the owner leads the dog on a leash. If the pet gives rise to complaints, the recommendations of the camping staff must be followed.

Dogs are not allowed on the festival site itself.


Areas with access to electricity may only be used by guests who have purchased electricity. Employees assign seats in electricity areas. When reserving parcel(s) for others, all electricity receipts and tickets for overnight units must be brought with you. Max current load: 6A/1320W. Only CEE cables may be used. It can be a long way to the nearest socket, so bring any extension cable. Extension cable and plug can be rented in Billetvogn Syd.


1 parked vehicle (car, motorcycle or similar) per parcel. Additional cars can be parked in the public car parks in the city.

For guests in the car-free tent area, there will be parking nearby.

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Unauthorized trade and sales from stalls or cars on the campsite are not permitted.

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Food and drinks

No festival is complete without good food. When hunger strikes between koncerts, you will find plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner at the festival site - from gourmet restaurants and world foods to hotdog stands and Danish classics.

Below you can see an overview of food venues.

Food venues

Bello Pizzaclub: Gourmet pizza with potato/rosemary or Italian salami.

Bird Bird Thai Food: Serves a delicious selection of Thai dishes. *

Café Guldhorn: Offers exciting Southern Jutland specialties and other delicacies. 

Campinghøkeren (Camp site grocer): Preorder danish bread rolls for breakfast in Campinhøkeren from Sunday 18 August. The order must be placed the day before. Also, Campinghøkeren's breakfast buffet offers delicious breakfast classics and must likewise be ordered the day before.

Crepes a la Cart: Serves a large selection of French food- and dessert crepes. You will find Crepes a la Cart in the Open Air area ***

Faour: The Faour family serves Palestinian street food with their award-winning falafel, as well as beef and vegetarian options. *

Festivalgrill: Favorite foods from the hot flames of the grill.

Fiddler's Green: The festival's own gourmet restaurant with a menu of fresh ingredients and a selection of fine wines.

FUTS Food Court: Enter the big tent and buy food from the many delicious FUTS food stalls, which offer wok dishes, Fish & Chips, potato boats with gyros, vegan and vegetarian burgers, pancakes with filling and sweet pancakes. **

Gaia Greek Food: Serves Greek gyros with chicken, fresh tomatoes, onions, french fries, fresh parsley and homemade tzatziki.

Hotdog stand: At the west entrance you will find the traditional Danish hotdog stand.

Intelligent Food: For those who want organic ingredients, guaranteed to be free of "the hard white goods": gluten, milk and refined sugar. Here you can also get gluten-free beer and vegetarian dishes. *

Lille Fanø: All the best from marsh and sea. Herring bait, bakskuld, solæg, platters with all the best from the marsh. All accompanied by Fanø beer, cozy atmosphere and Fanø music.

Lima Empanadas: Serves several varieties of South American empanadas and patatas bravas. **

Mormors Køkken: A delicious selection from traditional Danish cuisine created exclusively from Danish ingredients. Here you will find, among other things, danish biksemad, homemade meatballs, tartlets and apple cake. *

Rungholt by Rankin Park: Enjoy a wonderful, large brunch buffet, the open luxury sandwich & salads, delicious tapas & drinks or a three-course evening menu together with good wines, crisp bubbles or a cold beer.

Shamrock Sandwich: Delicious freshly made sandwiches. Vegetarian and gluten-free sandwiches are also available. Find Shamrock in the FUTS Food Court. ***

Steakhouse: Food for the hungry cowboy. Enjoy a steak or Pulled Pork Burger with potato wedges and salad in Outlaw Village. *

The Fish Project: Serves crispy fish'n'chips and fish burgers with homemade tartar sauce.

Verdensmad: At Open Air you will find Verdensmad - a corner of all kinds of worldy dishes and street foods served from small food trucks.

Victoria: Café Victoria, known for their delicious menu and atmospheric premises in the center of Tønder, offers a lovely café atmosphere on the festival site with well-known dishes and drinks.

Æ Bom Biks (Candy shop): Stop by the bom biks at Open Air. Here you will find ice cream, candy bags, chocolate and popcorn.

* Has vegetarian dishes

** Has vegetarian and vegan dishes

*** Vegetarian/gluten-free dishes

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The festival site offers a great variety of ​drinks and beers.

Below you will find an overview of bars.


  • Alkoholfri Bar: Various non-alcoholic beers and a wide selection of delicious mocktails are offered here.

  • Appelsinbar: Enjoy wonderful drinks in the middle of the festival site. Where the juice tastes of summer. Orange juice, Slush Ice, Mimosa, Tequila Sunrise and Vodka with juice.

  • Baren over Åen: Enjoy a cold beer or drink in the bar on the deck above the creek, which runs through the festival site.

  • Beer bars: You'll find the festival's regular beer bars all over the festival site. Enjoy a cold Tuborg or soft drink.

  • Bernadotte Ølbar (Beer bar): Enjoy a refreshing Rød Tuborg in the cozy atmosphere at the top of the Open Air area.

  • Black Sun Saloon: In Outlaw Village, you'll find the saloon with the prairie-weathered wooden facade. Here you can enjoy a mug of beer and a whiskey.

  • Coffee Shop: A good cup of coffee never goes out of style. Drop by the Coffee Shop in Outlaw Village.

  • Den Hemmelige (The Secret Bar): Here you can buy fine white wine, rosé, red wine and bubbles from Lautrupsminde Vin. Enjoy a glass of wine in the cozy wine cellar, which originates from the old castle in Tønder.

  • Fanøbaren: Special draft beer brewed at Fanø Bryghus. Fanø Bryghus has won several awards for their beer and received a lot of recognition, e.g. from beer bloggers and Danish beer enthusiasts.

  • Farbar: Various authentic cocktails. Classic Mojito, tropical Hurricane, Bloody Mary and more.

  • Little Dublin: Cold Guinness, danish solæg and schnapps, which can be enjoyed on the small terrace. You will find Little Dublin in the yellow house close to the west entrance.

  • Specialølbaren: Enjoy one of the 10 specials in the cozy beer bar in the middle of the festival site.

  • Spirit Gin Bar: The bar is set up in the historic train carriage close by Tent 1. Delicious drinks are served here, mixed and decorated for pure pleasure.

  • The Embassy by Stauning Whisky: Enjoy one of the many exciting whiskeys in Stauning's delicious area close to Outlaw Village.

  • Vintage Bar: Enjoy a fantastic rum from the bar's great selection.

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The Festival site address is Papegøjevej 4, 6270 Tønder

Please note that there is no parking attached to the festival site. Parking spaces in Tønder city can be used - see more in the section Parking.

Plan your trip at
As well as public transport, we recommend car-sharing, e.g. at

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Festival guests with camping wristbands may park one vehicle (car, motorcycle or similar) per assigned camping lot. Unfortunately, Tønder Festival cannot provide parking areas adjacent to the festival site for guests without a camping wristband. Instead, we refer to the four free public parking areas in the town of Tønder.

Public Carpark 1: Behind Tønder commercial college (c. 230 spaces)
Address: Martin Hammerichsvej 2, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance from Entrance West: 1,5 km
Walking distance from Tønder Nord Train Station: 600 m

Public Carpark 2: By Tønder secondary School (c. 70 spaces)
Address: Skolevej 9 , 6270 Tønder
Walking distance from Entrance West: 1,1 km
Walking distance from Tønder Nord Train Station: 300 m

You can find Tønder North train station close to carpark 1 and 2. You can continue by train to Tønder Station, which is 200 metres from the Festival West Entrance.

Public Carpark 3: Gravelled carpark by Sønderlandevej (c. 100 spaces)
Address: Sønderlandevej 7, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance entrance east: 700 m

Public Carpark 4: By Tønder primary school (c. 100 spaces)
Address: Holmevej 2, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance entrance east: 1,3 km

Bicycle Parking
Bikes are welcome on the campsite. For safety reasons, however, we cannot allow bikes on the Festival Site itself. Cyclists are invited to use the extended bike park by the West Entrance on Jernbanegade.

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Sure thing! Take the train to Tønder Festival and back with GoCollective. Avoid parking problems in town. The train stops a mere 200 metres from the west entrance.

Busses driven by Sydtrafik stops all over town in short walking distance from the festival site.

Plan your trip at

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For guests with disabilities

People with disabilities buy the same ticket as everyone else. You will find partout tickets, 1-day tickets and camping tickets here.

You also have the option of buying your ticket individually in one of our ticket vans. See more under 'Bracelets'.

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If you are approved for a helper, please send an email to and attach the relevant documentation. You will then receive an email with a free ticket for your helper. Your carer must pay for a campingticket if needed. If you purchase your wristband at the ticket office, please bring documentation to ensure a free wristband for your helper.

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Users of wheelchairs and their companions have the opportunity to enter the venues before the rest of the audience at seated concerts. At standing concerts, users of wheelchairs and companions can go to the front of the stage for the best visibility. Our festival staff are always ready to help you to be seated, if you wish to enjoy the music from our grandstand.

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The handicap camping is a defined area for guests with disabilities located near the festival site. Upon your arrival you will be assigned a lot by one of the volunteers.

It is also possible to rent a Tenthouse there. Please send an e-mail to - then it will be ready for you, when you arrive at the camping.

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Disabled toilets are placed close to Tent 1 and The Club Stage on the festival site. You can find disabled toilets and showers near the south entrance.

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Disabled parking spaces are located at the Festival Entrance Vest. Address: Papegøjevej 4, 6270 Tønder. Disabled parking spaces can also be found at the public carparks in Tønder.

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If you have comments, questions or suggestions about the conditions for disabled people at Tønder Festival, you are always welcome to contact us at or phone +45 74 72 46 10.

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Other questions

Yes. The printed programme will be availiable by August. Pick it up at the festival office or on the festival site.

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Map of the festival area and camp site is on the way. You'll find the map here when ready.

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In 2024, Tønder Festival will officially open its gates on Wednesday 21 August at 12 noon. The opening concert will take place at the Open Air area at 12.30 pm.

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On the Festival site, you can pay with card and MobilePay. It is not possible to pay with cash on the festival site.

If you have cash and wish to use it at Tønder Festival, go to the Udbetalingsvogn (Cash cart) at the corner of Søndergade and the main street. Here, it is possible to exchange your cash to a Tønder Festival payment card with the desired amount.

The payment counter is open:

21 August 2024: 12 noon - midnight

22 - 24 August 2024: 10 am - midnight

25 August 2024: 9 am - 12 noon

The minimum amount you can repay to your credit card is 10 DKK.

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During the festival: Lost property will be handed in at the Pladskontor (Area office) by the west entrance. The the area office takes care of lost property during the festival.

After the festival ends: On the Friday of the week after the festival goods lost and found on the Tønder Festival site and Camp site will be handed in to Tønder Police Station, Nørregade 15, 6270 Tønder, Tel. (0045) 73921448.

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Tønder Festival’s audience are known for their maturity and responsibility. They are kind and they tidy up after themselves. We have seen this time and time again over the years, and we are extremely grateful for it!

On the Campsite, dump your rubbish at the collection points when you leave. This makes for a clean conscience and clean surroundings, and we can get finished quicker, so we can get started on next year’s Tønder Festival.

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There are three chargers stations on the Tønder Festival site:

1) On the main street next to Millstream and Merchandise

2) Next to the Information stand at the center of the festival site

3) On the Camp site at Campinghøkeren / Camp site grocer’s.

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Safety concerns dictate that bicycles are not allowed on the Tønder Festival site.
Bicycles can be left at the extended bike park by the west entrance on Papegøjevej.

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In the middle of the festival site you will find Informationen (Information stand). At Informationen you can get help and answers to your questions regarding the festival, the city, the region and many other things.

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Safety and regulations

Yes, you can bring an ordinary camping chair on to the Tønder Festival site.
Conditions: Chairs must not be placed right in front of the stage or venue entances, and may not be used at venues with seating.

Tønder Festival is responsible for everyone’s safety. If we consider your chair is in the way, you will asked to move. Our request will be friendly but firm, and must be followed. A refusal to comply can lead to expulsion from the Tønder Festival site and confiscation of your wristband.

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No. Your wristband gives you access to all the Tønder Festival stages. Note however that all the venues have limited room; it’s first come, first served.

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You will find the Samaritans’ First Aid posts by the camping site entrance.

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It is not permitted to bring your own drinks (bottles, tins etc) in to the Tønder festival site. You may of course bring bottled water or draught beer bought at the festival’s bar by the entrance.

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Smoking is permitted wherever it is not forbidden. No smoking indoors or where you see a No Smoking sign. We encourage both smokers and non-smokers to show consideration. These rules apply equally to E-cigarettes & E-pipes.

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Photography for your own use only is permitted without flash or other light sources. Sound and video recording at live concerts are NOT allowed.

Professional photography, sound and video recording for publication are permitted only with appropriate accreditation from Tønder Festival.

Violation of these rules can mean exclusion from Tønder Festival site and deposition of equipment outwith the site, to prevent repetition.
Persistent violation can lead to confiscation of concert and camping wristband.
Unauthorised publication e.g. on YouTube etc will entail legal action.

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No. However your pet is welcome on the Tønder Festival Camp site.

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Sidste detaljer på plads i Tønder-programmet

Tønder Festival 2024 - Final Touches

In a little under two months, it's lift-off. Tønder Festival has filled in the artists involved in the popular Songwriters' Circle concert, seven Danish musicians playing at Folk Spot 2024, bands from Norway and Ireland and Radio Mars hosted by Alex Nyborg Madsen and Søren Rebbe.

Grand Anniversary Concert at Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary in style on Thursday evening with a special concert. On stage will be Jacob Dinesen, Poul Krebs, Jonah Blacksmith, Niels Hausgaard, Rikke Thomsen, Eleanor Shanley, Signe Svendsen and more.

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