FOTO: Petra Kleis

Jacob Dinesen (DK)

Most people are aware now that Jacob Dinesen is originally from Tønder and has had an imposing career that has taken him from sessions at Hagges Musik Pub to his current status as one of Denmark's most popular and best-selling musicians. Since 2016, songwriter, singer and musician Jacob Dinesen (born 1995) has had his hands full, touring and making musik. Over 45,000 albums sold and 36 million streams are evidence of Jacob Dinesen's popularity. As a songwriter, he finds his place solidly planted in roots rock and americana, with nuances of the Celtic traditions. After a relatively quiet 2023 on the live front, Jacob Dinesen is now ready to launch his sixth album The Waiting Game, which reveals new sides of the songwriter. ”I detest stagnation, but I realised I had to take a break. This gave more self-awareness, broadened my horizons and opened the door to the person I may really be,” says Jacob Dinesen about his new album. An extensive tour is planned for the spring of 2024. When Jacob Dinesen returns to Tønder Festival, where he has appeared many times, it will be with his band.