FOTO: Brody White

Kellie Loder (CAN)

Kellie Loder, a songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada, is a already a musician of note on the Canadian music scene. Kellie Loder was born in 1988 and can be described as a multi-genre talent since she effortlessly blends inspiration from folk music, americana and indie pop. You have something special to look forward to when Kellie Loder takes the stage at Tønder Festival - her first ever appearance in Denmark. The quality of the songs has been recognised many times in her own country in the form of fine reviews, awards and nominations. Kellie Loder's live performance has won praise for her charisma and her energetic and authentic delivery. Her debut album The Way from 2009 won her a talent prize and set Kellie Loder's music career in motion. Since then there have been four album releases, the most recent being Transitions, coming in April 2024, plus music awards and nominations. Kellie Loder won two prizes at the Canadian East Coast Music Awards in 2023, in the Songwriter of the Year category, and the audience-awarded prize Entertainer of the Year. In 2022 Kellie Loder entered the Canada’s Got Talent competition and placed second. Her only Danish festival in 2024.