FOTO: Johan Nilsson

Melissa Horn (SE)

Melissa Horn attracted a lot of attention when she sang at Tønder Festival for the first time in 2018. She follows Swedish female singers and songwriters like Lisa Nilsson and Lisa Ekdahl, drawing on the proud ballad traditions and that irrepressible Swedish talent for writing infectious popular music. Melissa Horn’s 2008 debut was the album Långa Nätter (Long Nights) followed a year later by her breakthrough Säg ingenting till mig (Say Nothing to Me) which was nominated for several Swedish Grammies, and the prestigious title of Artist of the Year. Melissa Horn’s lyrics home in on love troubles, hope and loss, the potent emotions   born by her expressive voice and dampened, acoustic accompaniment nearing melancholic pop rock. Melissa Horns latest album came out in 2019, and she has subsequently appeared on Swedish TV4’s programme Så mycket bättre (So Much Better), which has a Danish parallel in Toppen af poppen (Top of the Pops.) She followed this with an EP of other musicians’ songs. Melissa Horn plans an extensive spring tour of the Nordic countries in 2024, while working on her next album, her first in five years. Her only Danish festival in 2024.