Peatbog Faeries (SCO)

Heavy electronic beats and lightning fast bagpipe tunes by Peatbog Faeries brought Celtic fusion into the new millenium. The traditional tunes in trance loops won them a place at English and Scots folk festivals and out in the wide world, propelled by the success of their 2000 album Faerie Stories. Peatbog Faeries have played at Tønder Festival several times since 2006. The previous year, Peatbog Faeries released their critically praised Croftwork, wherein the electronics were dampened in favour of a more organic sound inspired by jazz, funk, African music and traditional Scots music. Peatbog Faeries have toured the world and have played Glastonbury Festival five times. The band have twice won the Live Name of the Year title at Scots Trad Music Awards, and in 2016 they took the Hands up for Trad Landmark award for their contribution to Scots folk music. Peatbog Faeries are: Peter Morrison, bagpipes, flutes; Ross Couper, violin; Innes Watson, guitar, violin, vocal; Tom Salter, guitar; Norman Willmore, keyboards, saxophone; Innes Hutton, bass and Stuart Brown, drums.  Their latest album is I See a World (2024), and here electronic music is again to the fore. Their only Danish festival in 2024.