Phosphorescent (USA)

It may sound like a band but Phosphorescent is just one chap: the songwriter and multi-musician Matthew Houck. Originally from Alabama, he spent some years in Georgia and now dwells in Nashville, Tennessee. He has recorded and toured under the epithet Phosphorescent since 2001. The stye is definitely not country or traditionalist roots, more indie folk, indie rock and alternative rock. Phosphorescent has made nine albums and an EP down the years, and the critics have praised him highly. Sometimes there’s a longer break between releases. The album Muchacho came out in 2013, and the next, C’est La Vie, wasn’t until 2018. In 2022 he realised his Full Moon Project, whereby he released a cover song at each full moon. Among them were songs by Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Randy Newman and Nina Simone. In 2024 it’s the album Revelator. “I got tired of sadness, I got tired of all the madness, I got tired of bein’ a badass all the time,” are lines from the title song. Matthew Houck follows his own routes, reflecting over reality as he sees it. He is of the opinion that Revelator has a weight that is close to “…the grand sadness in life.” His only Danish festival in 2024.