Sebastian Wolff (DK)

Sebastian Wolff is known as the singer and frontmand with the rock band Kellermensch. This Esbjerg band has several feathers in their caps: their album Capitulism (2022), won six stars in a music magazine Gaffa review. In 2018, Kellermensch played at Tønder Festival, where the band's explosive, melancholic rock fitted surprisingly well in the folk roots festival setting.  Sebastian Wolff has other strings to his bow beyond fronting Kellermensch. As a songwriter, he is very productive. Songs unsuited to the Kellermensch brand come to life at the hands of Sebastian Wolff the soloist. In the spring of 2024, he is touring the country with his own band, and that is the format they are bringing to Tønder Festival. An EP is on the stocks and a foretaste is Sebastian Wolff's single Sword Of Damocles, released in March 2024. The title refers to Greek mythology, and this is by no means unique: Sebastian Wolff's lyrics often draw on world literature and tales from the ancients.