FOTO: James & Libertee May

The Hello Darlins (CAN)

Americana and roots from some of Canadia's finest session musicians. The Hello Darlins, based in Calgary, did not take long to make a name for themselves as a super group. The band's leading lights are singer Candace Lacina and keyboard player and producer Mike Little, both studio musicians in demand, having worked with Shania Twain, Charlie Major and B. B. King. These two musicians met in 2016 and began the team work that led to The Hello Darlins and new music inspired by country, blues, gospel and more. Their album Go By Feel from 2021 was excellently received, making The Hello Darlins – you guessed it – the darlings of the americana style. Numerous prominent colleagues have dropped in at the studio through the years, adding their input to the band's music: people like Matt Andersen, Murray Pulver, The Bros. Landreth and producer Mike Poole. They have been nominated for several awards and international critics have heaped praise on them. Their most recent album is Sundust (2023), and a new album is on the stocks for 2024. The Hello Darlins' only Danish festival in 2024.