FOTO: Zac Mahrouche

Albin Lee Meldau (SE)

Here is a Swedish voice with broad appeal. Songsmith Albin Lee Meldau won his pop spurs years ago, and he is a big name in Sweden and Norway. The 36 year-old singer and songwriter draws inspiration, like all good pop composers, from pop, soul, indie rock, country and much more. His strong, high baritone voice is effective, the songs inclining to the sensitive and melancholic. In 2016, Albin Lee Meldau released his debut EP Lovers, followed by the EP Bloodshot in 2017. That same year, he took part in the big music festival South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, giving his career impetus. In 2018, the album About You came out on the American label Astralwerks. Albin Lee Meldau chose a different path in 2020, making his next album På svenska in Swedish. At Tønder Festival, Albin Lee Meldau will be giving two concerts. One is Hommage på svenska, in which he and his band pay tribute to the Swedish song treasury and its heroes: Cornelis Vreeswijk, Alf Robertson, Fred Åkerström and others. The other concert comprises his own songs, and reveals new works to appear on a 2024 album. His only Danish festival in 2024.