Big Bike Orchestra (PL)

In 2023, Tønder Festival goers were amused to see something unusual on the festival site.  To the sound of folk and jazz music on accordion, mandolin, violin, saxophone and guitar, a strange vehicle rolled along: a custom-built, extended bicycle carrying six musicians, all playing away whilst treading the pedals. Impressive - especially considering they had a double bass on board, and it was played, too. On a bike. The group are called Big Bike Orchestra, and they are back at Tønder Festival this year. The band on the long bike was formed in 2021 in the Polish town of Bydgoszcz, and they have been busy since the word go. They got to the semifinal in the Polish programme Poland’s Got Talent and have played more than 200 concerts. In autumn 2023 they carried out the project From Bydgoszcz To Europe, involving visits to ten European countries in ten days, among them France, Holland and Germany.  Was this all by bike? We'll never know. In April 2024, Big Bike Orchestra release their debut album Maniana.