Elephant Sessions (SCO)

Friday 26. august - 00:15 - Telt 1

Elephant Sessions are Highlanders and proud of it. They have appeared at Tønder Festival several times before, this time with music from their new album, their third, What Makes You from 2022. Their debut album is from 2014, and since then things have only improved for the band. In 2018 they won the prestigious Scots Trad Music Award Live Act of the Year. Rolling Stone Magazine wrote of Elephant Sessions: “These Scots use their instruments as weapons against clichés. We love them.” Elephant Sessions mix traditional folk, funk, electronica and much more in a potent neo-folk cocktail which has intoxicated audiences in UK, Europe and Australia. Euan Smillie on violin and Alasdair Taylor, mandolin, provide tasty tunes, while Seth Tinsley on bass and Greg Barry on drums and samples lay the foundation for a musical experience that invites you join in the party  and dance. Their only Danish festival concert in 2022.