FOTO: (Jonah/Sejling)

Jonah Blacksmith (DK)

This band, whose roots lie in Thy in Northern Jutland, are among the most popular in the country. Autumn 2024 will see them on an extensive Live Film tour, and their concert at Tønder Festival will be a very special occasion. Tønder Festival's audience love Jonah Blacksmith, and that love is requited. The band have appeared several times at Tønder Festival. The first time, a memorable late evening in 2015 in the old P4 Tent, 'that new band from Thy' were on. They caused a stir in the tent that people are still talking about, and music magazine Gaffa gave it six stars. Jonah Blacksmith play rock with voluminous soundscapes and elements of folk and country, with a Scandinavian tone. The two front men, brothers Simon and Thomas Alstrup, sing and play guitar, bass and banjo. Steeped in folk music and song from childhood, they learned from their grandfather, Johannes Alstrup in Koldby, known as Johannes the Smith. Jonah Blacksmith have succeeded in uniting the concert concept with film. Their debut album Northern Trail appeared in 2014, and the band have subsequently released two studio albums and a live album. Their most recent product is the EP House on Fire (2023). Jonah Blacksmith comprises brothers Thomas and Simon Alstrup, and Søren Bigum, Lasse Alstrup, Jon Bisgaard Kjeldsen, Søren Poulsen and Thor Kortegaard.