FOTO: Morten Rygaard

Niels Hausgaard (DK)

Friday 26. august - 13:00 - Bolero
Sunday 28. august - 19:15 - Bolero

Niels Hausgaard is part of the furniture at Tønder Festival. The Danish poet, satirist, songwriter, polemicist and entertainer has been making his mark on Tønder Festival since the 70s, and he will not be missing Tønder Festival 2022. Niels Hausgaard, born in 1944, is one of a kind. He reaches a wide audience on his annual winter and spring tours, performing to full houses throughout the country for four months. In 2022 the tour is called “Lad nu det ligge” (Just Leave It) and pianist Martin Schack from Ribe accompanies Niels. The concerts are often over three hours long and never identical, since Niels Hausgaard always leaves plenty of room for improvisation. He claims that the decisive element between success and failure is the degree of contact he achieves with his audience. Ticket sales prove that his audience is keen to be in touch with Niels Hausgaard too, as they have been since he started in 1972.