Niels Hausgaard (DK)

At Tønder Festival in 2019, Niels Hausgaard was roundly celebrated by a congregation of his peers in a giant concert on the Tent 1 stage. The occasion was his 75th birthday, and the tributes were to a Danish singer, poet, satirist, songwriter, polemicist and entertainer who has had pride of place at Tønder Festival since the 70s. Niels Hausgaard is one of a kind and he reaches a wide audience.  On his annual winter and spring tour, he fills big halls throughout the country for four months. No two Niels Hausgaard concerts are alike, since he leaves himself ample room for improvisation and plays off and with the audience. He maintains that the success of a concert depends on the contact he achieves with his audience. Attendances attest to the overwhelming desire thousands of Danes have to achieve contact with Niels Hausgaard and to hear his latest commentary on the state of things in the kingdom. As they have since 1972.

Saturday 28th August at 6 pm
Schweizerhalle – Tønder Kulturhus

Folk Spot Denmark
Niels Hausgaard
The Deep Dark Woods

Doors open one hour before concert starts.