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Xabi Aburruzaga (EUS)

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The musician and composer Xabi Aburruzaga from the Basque country is a recognised master on the traditional Basque instrument the trikitixa, a kind of diatonic button key accordion. Xabi Aburruzaga was born in1978 and began playing accordion and piano as a child. He made his recording debut in 1999, which provoked interest both with critics and audiences. His most recent album is Aurez Aurre, a live album recorded in May 2023 in the Campos Elisos Theatre in Bilbao with his regular band and a long list of guest musicians. The album showcases Xabi Aburruzaga's over 20-year career. The musical influences are widespread, not only the Basque folk music tradition but also the music of Galicia and Quebec. Here are both slow ballads and energetic rhythms, with Xabi Aburruzaga's virtuoso trikitixa leading. Besides shining on stage, Xabi Aburruzaga is a renowned teacher who has set up his own trikitaxa school. Aburruzaga's only Danish festival concert in 2024.

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